Maya pauses when selecting (very annoying)


Hello all,

When in Maya, I have a horrible 2-5 second delay when I select an object by clicking. When I drag a marquee to select, it does not happen. But when I just click an object, the delay happens every time. My buddy opened the file and does not have the same problem, so it seems to be specific to my machine.

Has anyone experienced this? If so, do you know of a fix?

Thanks in advance, I’ll respond with results from any suggestions.


if you’ve got a pentium dual core processor and an nividia geforce card…well there’s your problem. the current nvidia drivers don’t work well with pentium dual cores. downgrading your drivers might work.


That was the problem - thanks Robken!


I have the same problem. I’m running an Athlon 64 X2 (5600+ if it matters) and an nVidia 8600GTS. it’s EXTREMELY irritating! Anyway, as far as I know, there are no older drivers that support the 8xxx series in Windows XP. Any suggestions? i’m running 158.22. I was fairly confident it’s driver related, and I’m so desparate to fix it i was going to return this card and order a 7950GT on monday.


I have the same problem :confused: Nvidia, dual core.

Will aslo try downgrading my drivers. thanks :slight_smile:


You can try a couple of things.

Set environment variable MAYA_NO_VERTEX_ARRAY_SELECT before running maya.
Turn off the Nvidia multi-cpu optimization option in the driver (through Nvidia’s control panel)


thanks warnold… i’ve already turned off the multi-cpu in the control panel, and that seemed to work for a time, but has since stopped working shrug. for the environment variable, i should set the variable as the MAYA_NO_VERTEX_ARRAY_SELECT and the value as 1? if so, that didn’t work. maybe i’m setting the variable incorrectly though.

edit oh, and in case it makes a difference, when i click on something to select it i get the delay, but if i drag a marquee to select it, it’s instant. odd. edit


yes click select is a different code path from click-drag select.

Setting the env var to anything ahould work. You set it in My Computer->properties->Advanced->Environment Variables ? or in the DOS command shell before running Maya ? Not in the Maya.env file

single monitor or dual monitor ?


None of those things are working for me. It’s a driver issue and if you have a newer GPU that isn’t supported by the older drivers, then you’re ****ed, pretty much.


yes, warnold, i set it in my computer properties. i set the variable as the MAYA_NO… and the the value as 1. was that correct? am i ‘turning on’ the variable?

also, dual monitor. i’ve tried all the settings for the multi-display setting in the control panel with no luck. it may have gotten worse once i hooked up the second monitor, as before i did that, i was working with almost a million polys and it was working fine. basic modelling is fine for that but there’s no way i can work on animation with a single 19" monitor. i’ll be upgrading to a single giant LCD very soon, maybe that will clear it up…



7300go, CoreDuo, lv2go 158.45 drivers


I have the same problem but found a way around it. First I go to nvidia control panel and switch to single-display compatibility mode (only have to do it once). Then, after starting maya, I select a polygon and go to four-view, then I go to vertex view, select some verteces, move the camera around and suddenly it jumps from extremely low fps to normal. Then a start working on the project. It remains fixed until I restart Maya.


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