Maya passes - anything like Softimage ?


For those of you that have done rendering within Softimage, you’ll know how useful the ‘passes’ and ‘partitions’ are for splitting your scene up for different images to composite.
I was just curious if Maya has a similar feature ?

I really like this feature of Softimage as it’s a great non-destructive way of working.


render layer in maya can do that, combine with the new passes system from Mr it’s quite good, although don’t expect the same flexibility that XSI have, XSi passes are way better that what maya have.

If you use renderman for maya, RM has his own system which work really good too.



what about shader_p comparing to the maya render passes


I’ve always had massive amounts of problems trying to get decent passes and put them into a program as standard as Photoshop.

I don’t know who’s fault it is but rendering out files from Maya in most formats causes these problems in my workflow:

a) Causes Photoshop CS4 to delete the alpha channel and corresponding RGB part of the image
b) However if you open the rendered image into Maya’s Render View then save the image again, then it will correctly open into Photoshop with the alpha channel intact
c) The file format is incorrect when opening a file in Photoshop with some 8bit renders. This is also checks out because when you open the certain rendered file within Maya an error occurs stating that the file is not a proper RGBA ordered file.

I mean I don’t exactly struggle using Maya, but things like this do not make sense to me when they work this way. Render Layers in Maya are great but don’t expect it to be perfect.

I also find it hard to believe there was no way of adjusting ambient occlusion passes apart from the number of rays. There are no options for spread or max distance unless you manually hook up nodes which gets messy with big and complex scenes.

Don’t mean to complain or hijack this thread but yeah - Render Passes are great however there are issues. Also, 2009 was the first realease with it so things will (hopefully) improve with time.


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