Maya particle for scattering problem


hi - i have a question : i am using maya dynamic to scatter my trees inside my project , so as you know we should play the time line and then scattering going to start. so my problem is for example i like my scatter scene in frame 100 and i wanna keep it , but when i go to first frame or any other frames i lose it. i know there is a script for converting instance to polygon but its make the scene so heavy and slow and my computer is so poor :slight_smile: now with particle i can use bounding box showing method to make my workflow faster - how can i say to particle system keep all changes for example in frame 100 for this scatter and dont change it if i play time line again. (note : i dont wanna it effect to whole maya process , i mean if i made another scattering particle it should work and it should scatter if i play time line until i do the same thing to stop it in a special frame for ever).

thank you my friends for youre time and for reading my question and i hope for youre help.


if you are using dynamics just to scatter trees (to place geo) and nothing else I would highly recommend using Mash instead - that is what is for or Bifrost graph, you will have way more control over your instances.