Maya Paint 3D vs. Deep Paint


Everybodys got to post a “software vs. software question” sooner or later. So here is mine. I understand that you can do pretty much everything with Mayas Paint 3D tool using PaintFX that people do with Deep Paint. I just don’t know what some of those features are. Any ideas?


Well you can’t paint on polys with PaintFx… so that kind of limits things unless you plan to only use nurbs.


You can use 3d paint on polys in Maya… I think Deep Paint 3D has a few more specialised features, like it’s got a clone tool, so you can clone textures off an image file instead of painting em manually. It’s got integration with the Wacom 4d Mouse + pen dualtrack feature. It’s also got a special projetion mode, too. Try asking the same question in the maya forum :wink:


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