Maya or 3ds max


I was a maya user till a few month ago and as you know maya is hard to learn and model stuff . so i decided to switch to 3ds max which is much easier to learn and modeling. one of the field that i really like to work is architectural design and gard surface modeling which for me is difficult to do in maya .

the problem is, that i really like maya over 3ds max and when im working in max i always think of maya . on the other hand modeling in 3ds max is much easier than maya . so my question is, should i stick to maya and just learn and work on architectural design in 3ds max or should i completely switch to max and do all of my modeling in max ? or i can learn both at the same time?


Use both, whatever the right tool is for the project and whatever makes you happy.

I’ve used Maya and Max for about 15 years professionally. I started with Maya on macOS at college, then worked at a company where Maya (Win) was the main production tool for architectural visualisation. This company had a dedicated development team building custom tools for Maya to improve the production process and make Maya more suitable for architectural visualisation. We ended up switching to Max as we found this had many of the custom tools we were building built into the “off-the-shelf” package.

I completely understand your feelings between Max and Maya though, even though Max is the right tool for architectural visualisation due to its spline based tools and plugin compatibility, something about Maya just feels more comfortable and natural. I feel that if you really want to make Maya work efficiently for architectural visualisation, you can. But Max is basically built for and focused on this area now and the plugins make the typical visualisation process much easier.

Going forward I’ll probably continue to use Max when I need to and Maya for other stuff.