maya or 3d studio


hey guys, im new to this forum and CG really fascinates me. i’m planning to get into cg once i finish my school and enroll in a 3d animation school. i just wanted to know what’s a better program. when i ask “better” i mean, what’s more convenient? what has a better interface? and you know what i mean. i tried studio max 4 and lightwave, and i must say max 4 has a better interface. but when i look around for 3d animation schools, it seems like they use maya. so which is it? thx.


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Read the threads at the top of the forum before posting gee.bee.

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oops. sorry. i dont know how i missed reading that. sorry guys


but still one question. does anybody know why maya is used most by schools?


It really depends on the school gee.bee. There is a broad range of schools using a broad range of packages.


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