Maya Nurbs Modeling


Hi has anyone ever come across this problem in Maya when you are projecting a curve on surface for e.g. if you are project a circle on a sphere and then you use the trim tool and keep the sphere and delete the circle part so that you get a hole and then if you slect the trim edge on the circular opening on the sphere and say duplicate surface curves and move it and makea loft between the trim edge and the duplicated surface curve how can you then close the opening by selecting the circular opening while selecting the isoparm. I tried Surface> Planar but it didnt work. Can anyone pls throw some light.


well, the planar will only work if the surface is 100 percent flat. (by flat i dont mean it has to be parallel to x/z axis, i mean all the CV’s have to be on the same plane) One thing you can do is go in and tweak the top curve you want planar till its flat, or you can try detaching the curve into two separate curves and loft between them, or you can detach it into 4 different curves and boundary/square them. There are many solutions to a single problem, some of these will probably work. Also be careful when detaching the curve if you choose that rout because if it is bound to the loft by history, it might mess with your lofted surface. It is best to keep your history so you can tweak things later on if you have to with minimal effort, so try duplicated that curve then detach the duplicate if you choose to do it that way. Hope this helps a little bit. Good luck^^

(i personally would detach the duplicated curve into two seperate curves and loft between them. When doing this try and place your curve points as close to cutting the circle compleatly in half so you have two equal curves as possible. This way your loft will be clean)


Thanks Naisa Evoli I tried it out and after a few tweakings it worked. I am trying to explore other ways of solving the same problem. Also myabe I can bother you with one more question. Is stitching the only way to attach nurbs surfaces together. I tried the attach surfaces and it sometime woks but sometimes does not for me. Many time when I would say attach surfaces the surface would disapppear. I guess what I am trying to say is that lets say I built everything in Nurbs with several differet pieces of nurbs geometry and then later want to have everything as one piece like how you would combine Polygons. How can do that with Nurbs. Is stitching the only way as I said Attach Surfaces only works half the time and I dont want to group but just have everything as one piece geometry just like combining in Polygons. Maybe I am missing something.


first off, don’t get into the mind set that having surfaces that are attached, or one big piece of geometry is better than having pieces. In nurbs, having separate patches is essential (especially in character modeling for deforming). also, although stitch is used often in closing gaps in models, from what iv been told (not 100% on this) its mostly used to keep pieces from separating during deformation for animation (applied during modeling, but becomes apparent when animating). So, try not to use stitch solely for the purpose to close little gaps (this is not a rule, but just a general idea. Try and use curves on surface or isoparms or shared curves etc to have your surfaces line up correctly first). its hard to give an answer to this question though, because each case is separate, do you have a pic of the geometry that isn’t lining up correctly?. maybe try re creating the surface that wont line up, or go in and CV wrangle them to match up. (keep in mind, I’m still not expert…not even a novice…lol…i’m still learning too :)). But if possible try and post a screen grab of a close-up of the geometry you are having problems getting to match up^^. (align surfaces also helps sometimes with problems like these)


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