Maya nCloth and XGen (Cloth and Hair Simulation) free training



I’ve been adding lessons to my youtube channel. After a series on XGen, I’m creating one on nCloth for Maya. There are many great tutorials on these tools, but I feel few of them go over some of the challenges of creating clean geometry and working in a way that avoids a lot of the challenges and finicky nature of simulations. Thus I started both series with a model prep lesson and then get into more workflow of setup and simulation in subsequent lessons.


You can see some of my work as a CFX (Character FX, cloth and hair) simulation artist. Reel Link



Adnan Hussain


I’m sure to give this a look, but just had to pause and say that that is one of the creepiest models I’ve ever seen! :smiley:


Haha, I agree, he looks like a scarey voodoo doll. He’ll haunt your dreams and make you come back to watch the tutorials. I tried to emphasize the difference between what is a model for rendering vs simulation and the importance of creating scenes and setups for different tasks.