maya muscle simulation


can anyone please tell how muscle simulate and colide to each other


You have to apply muscle deformer for both geometries. Select the geos “Muscle/Skin Setup/Apply Muscle System” from menu.
Then select the geo there is a node cMuscleSystem. Scroll down and turn on the collision. If they intersect they are going to collide.


Sorry i have single geometry i want after bend my leg geo collide

  1. You have to convert object to muscle/bone object. Deform > Muscle > Muscle/bones > Convert surface to Muscle-Bones.
  2. Select the rigid object then deformed muscle object and connect them : Deform > Muscle > Muscle objects > Connect selected muscle objects.

Please watch this i want to colide this body


Yes, the solution for you is what I just wrote below… Both meshes, skin and muscles, must be cMuscle object. The skin is the deformed mesh, the muscles are the colliders. Select the muscles then the skin last and connect them. Therefore the muscle deformer knows which meshes should collide with. if you’re still lost I suggest to browse the documentation.
>>Maya documentation<<