Maya Mray good studio render


Hi! I want to create a studio render for some products, cars etc.
To be honest i don’t know exactly what technique to use.
Wich is better to use final gatering, irradiance particles or global ilumination?

Thank you!


final iradiance illumination particles :slight_smile:


FG and a good HDR are usually sufficient


Seconding a simple FG and IBL setup, but I would also add plenty of 'flectors. They can be large white rectangles off-camera or set their primary visibility off (and shadow cast/receive), or they can be area lights set to visible off-camera. But a few 'flectors will help produce nice clean highlights and give more of a studio look. Placing them can be a pain, but the benefits will be obvious.


It would better use portal lights instead of self illuminated geometry, i guess.
Here is my studio, it is old, but may help for start. There light cards made as a geometry.


Thank you guys for answer me, and thank you kiryha for studio render is awesome!


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