Maya Modeling Question - bending a premade airpipe along an curve


Hello CGsociety, new here and new to Maya.
I need some help from the pros. it might sound silly, and super easy to do, but I can’t seem to wrap my head around it and couldn’t find a way to do it Googling for answers.
what i am trying to do. is take an already made object (in my case it’s an oxygen pipe for a little astronaut model im trying to do) , to bend along a curve i made (basically the way i want this airpipe to flow from point A to point B.

now should be simple right? attach to motion path and then flow along motion path.
the problem is . the pipe i made keep freacking out and deform in ways i don’t want and other horrors.

is there some other way to do it?
or is this is the way can anyone help me with the input I’m supposed to write in the options window, please?

yea the model mostly from a video guide from pluralsight (just modifying it and trying stuff)


The air pipe isn’t going to conform to the shape of the motion path, just travel along it. Try Curve Warp instead:

Curve Warp Deformer


You could add a curve and apply it as a wire deformer and adjust the dropouoff parameter and translate th curve CV s to get the desired shape.
By the way where is curve wrap deformer in maya?


its called wire deformer…

but you could also use MASH…



That’s cool!