Maya Mash-Motion Graphics


Hi everyone,

i’m coming from Archviz side and modeling stuff, and now i want to expend my Skills to Motion Graphic ,
i can’t find any good tutorial about it, so i started to mess around with that i have some good Results but i want more, i didn’t find any tutorials on youtube and no the web its like Maya have tools and no one ever tried it or don’t care about it, (weird) , i really want to learn, (i don’t want to learn c4D now)

maybe i missed something but if anyone can point me to tutorial or any resource i will be much appreciate it !!


There is definitely some tutorials to start getting into MASH, here is a couple of links. Also after you learn the basics you can basically watch some C4D Tutorials and bring them in Mash, a lot of the Nodes do the same, just different names.


There are some example files.

Down here are also the scenes files for download.


Thank you guys!