Maya Indie


Maya Indie is now available.

And here is a starter Tutorial.


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Cunnax, we got it. Maya does not worth your time. So please stop ranting about it and use other solutions. Maya indie is just plain Maya made more affordable for freelancers. It is good news.


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you don’t know shit man, stop your nonsense endless crap you really have issues man. What happened in your life?

Also keeping comparing animation node or Sverchok with bifrost or houdini is just so stupid; performance is utterly crap compared to even mash or any other tool.

But as usual you don’t know shit about what you are talking about.
Just use whatever shit you want to use but STOP your fucking madness by spreading nonsense crap over and over again.


stop the presses ilm and animallogic using blender and unreal for asset development and onset work
autodesk should ask themselves why?

out of the box dont touch anything but sums up mayas workflow beautifully,
draw a nurbs curve and revolve it and move both curve and revolve surface,
i kid you not mayas double transform, grouping inherit transform exists at every level.
users of every other program will laugh at you , world space off on, group transform tick box,
use that onset have you got time for mayas piss take to operators, no you havent.

sculpt if 3d use sculptris is free why bother with maya ,its sculpting is crap.

functions needed for maya indie
( and bifrost, quite honestly if thats the future
i am f…ked…makes houdini look like childs play.
what is it with these people,
where are all the modifiers short answer they arent,
love to code a double transform, or uncode it in bifrost

bifrost does it work, maybe if you can find the node,
how long will it take to create the graph you want randomly trying nodes,
and then find the nodes just dont exist yet, indie hell.
or load some extra special sub pack inside the sub pack compound
folder think we all know where that is going…
red nodes because they are “thick” nodes not designed properly.

5 year work in progress, hope your indie jobs not a work in progress.

maybe compounds is blenders idea of addons

and still cannot do architectural panelling as good as blender
after days of effort…more indie hell.

make it a one stop shop like blender maybe cinema4d but better

tracking, camera match…blender, cinema4d

full parametric nodes like, well not likebut they try , houdini part 3dsmax, cinema4d,blender
from sketch,model,anim, to final comp.
call them nodes modifiers whatever you like
with boundary and or face,edge,vertex selection slot on input and output

not dependent one shot input selection , like mayas existing nodes

no double transform, parametric history fails without solving this

grouped instancing with full history
and auto no double transform
not maya i turn inherit transform off on at random style when grouping.
like 3dsmax,houdini,cinema4d,zbrush,blender

sculpt with layers like cinema4d,zbrush,mudbox,blender,3dcoat

8k texture paint with layers like cinema4d mudbox blender(2k),3dcoat
nodes like substance

spline modelling like 3dsmax,cinema4d,houdini, part blender

filleted booleans with history like modo, part houdini and blender, hardmesh

autoretopo like zbrush, 3d coat

animation, no flipped paths like most other programs, animation sticking
to actual path like most other programs. (this error due to using nurbs not splines in maya)

low gpu stable render like octane, redshift or blender cycles
and consistent gpu render times 15 sec per frame 1920res (2mins is 8hours overnight)
on single machine

pararmetric nurbs like fusion360 and partly moi and rhino grasshopper
why because nurbs are fully parametric unlike polys,
with low res quad poly conversion.

would prefer to switch from poly to nurbs on the fly and back again totally feasible.

comp like blender natron nuke,
really needed if going full parametric

off the cloud, free to access if not commercially used for work,
still should suit a…desk as it costs the 3d learner their rent and expenses to learn maya
and provides a trained workforce for free to vfx companies,
suggest if they dont like it use blender. lots of blender companies is less maya
companies let them do the maths.
large areas of globe dont have highspeed internet access.
in some areas of this country you cant download youtube video let alone maya.

any operating system any gpu… like blender

without that its not really suitable for indie commercial work,
at least not animations., you will be spending more time out of maya than in it,
maybe thats desirable…but back and forth doubles time on job
…(2min anim render gpu res 1920 at 1min per frame is 48hrs …1 pass)
too slow workflow.

see all the like other programs notes thats where the issues lie currently in maya
falling behind in those areas.

Now for the “bad” not bad but the current state of
news regards parametric workflow:

blender is truly parametric only with geo faces before any modifiers
ie trying to cut a face after the modifiers you have to apply them
no edit poly like 3dsmax

cinema4d to cut faces after modifiers have to convert to editable object
so no history

3dsmax has edit poly modifier so better, but stack will fail if you go
back to earlier modifiers and change as poly order different,
would be diffent if had nurbs switch maybe

houdini is similar to 3ds max if you do poly edits and go back earlier its nodes will fail
nurbs in hooudini crappy.

maya can edit poly anywhere but no history at all, each poly selection seems embedded in the
node at time creation, bifrost embedded node graphs look really slow to set up even
if you can understand them.

which brings us back to the need for nurbs in a lot
of cases much more parametric as nurbs concentrates on boundary and
intersection edges, not particular polygons…ie fusion 360(but too high poly)
but does need low res quad poly converter.

so all programs works in progress and not truly parametric node systems.

so indies lots of poly/vert pushing for you at present,

i would like to say maya is for indies with lots of spare time on jobs, unlimited cash
for those “extra” programs, rendering machines, hiring extra labour.

or use blender or if you have medium resources cinema4d.
still probably need help from others, 3d is so labour intensive.

want access to your work in the future use blender,
are indies slowly being forced to use blender outside a vfx company…
yes…the question is why…time taken to do job and money needed to set up
…speed ease of use…

does it worry 3d artists…those in vfx pipeline or starting ,no, its what schools teach,
maya has monopoly but if you find yourself outside the vfx c/o maya pipeline that
system is very slow and very costly, for a very small company of what 1,3,5,10 ?

does it annoy 3d artists, yes they have time invested in maya,
well outside on you own, for fast 3d quick jobs, maya indie is not
necessarily a good business decision.

i would add if you are getting or think you have the skills maya is the right choice,
for vfx nobody disputes that, and its wrong for me to say use blender,
in fact its wrong for me to say that, as you are truly alone
outside the “system” but if the system aint paying you a living
stuff the system, being an indie 3d artist kinda sucks,
but thats why you are great artists and they are
producers living in big mansions with pools who cant draw,
3d sculpt, animate, comp
(their biggest creative decision is picking the largest tv
to show your work on at home and say they did it…
while you get to see your work on a laptop from a motel)
lowest pay shortest time most work in as many countries
thats the indie.

till the revolution…god its complicated.

salon of america, school of america, trade by america,
next it will be
salon of china, school of china, trade by china
thats when workplace relations go right out the window
if they havent already
as most vfx companies are multinationals
“playing the game”

have fun with bifrost the future of maya
not without a proper gui.
that the flashing led beatbox that younguns like,
and implementing all da tools… want
to get worried see the shell modifier graph someone made.

da simple folk like their icons i press the shell node hey presto,
no search for compound buried deep within autodesk archives labelled hard to find.

or use blender shell modifier…

still thats why they employ tds…bifrost tds…
though they probably use houdini as they thought its simpler and better.

tip to houdini and maya pack your nodes into modifiers with 95%use inputs and
outputs ie shelll modifier, and have do not enter here unless qualified td extra button
repackage your program so they arrive with the extra tools in place
so you dont spend days searching for them online, thats part of the job.
bosses gets worried when operators seen online desperately search a…desk site
for that which should have been in the program at the start.
(extra tools, rebel pack houdini master extra gaming pack…
not interested it wastes the operators time getting permission and downloading
not allowed by minions of a vfx.c…o.

even bigger joke when you are learning and finding all the functions missing.

over and out.

indie knobhead.
has many heads finger in all the pies but no actual pie.

and they want to know why there is a march to blender,
its pretty obvious, to those with lesser IQ,
make it to hard to jump the fences, use the gate.

and the gate is all the sub$50 apps for 3d sculpt, paint,animate
that are spreading like wildfire across the web, vr ar
all in less time that it takes a…desk to do filleted booleans
with history with no double transform, ie cad since 1990
even sketchup gives proper curves

i think only massive vfx co. monoliths
have time for mayas ways, single indies short on time dont.


He may be ranting, and may have poor english, but that doesn’t mean he’s not absolutely correct. Maya is the most sloppy, half-assed software I’ve ever used. Crashes 10 times more than anything I’ve ever used ( since 2007, on Win/Lin/Osx, so please don’t believe those excuses ). The gui is crap, and even when they add a new tool like the node editor, it’s still crap compared to others like nuke or houdini have had for over a decade.


jerkovsky and his/her muse.

actually had another look at grouped instances with history,
adding to the group, converting instanced groups to non instance,
most common maya scenario all your instances disappear KAPUT,
as though they never existed, ( 3dsmax, houdini, blender cinema4d
users altogether now start laughing, if you are a maya user start crying,
or stick head in sand as maya tds do, accuse other software
users of not knowing maya properly, well bollocks stop making
excuses for maya.)
why the f…k dont maya operators stand up for themselves and call shit, shit.

and yes "o"boys will say mash, well mash has no history.
and is a particle system that makes precise positioning difficult.
what you didnt use the non existant mesh output and replug hans solo space,
not world space, tick this inherit off on…blah blah
as required to salvage some sense from mayas node editor,
no actually cant even remember such things too complicated.
talking to jerkofsky here not class a surface programmer.

and thats precisely mayas problem, what geo exists instanced on screen
is different to the instance code you pressed that created it.
maya clearly doesnt know what geo is on screen, the operator sees
it instanced on screen mayas pipeline of oneway start situation only nodes doesnt.
thus when you convert instance to object , the geo disappears,
i call it dumb, idiot shit programming. at least shit doesnt disappear.
hell maya can create shit that doesnt even exist in mayaworld…wtf

ie for grouped instances maya itself doesnt know what geo it put on your screen.

most hated maya features, though could easily add to this.
double transform, you know you move in one direction maya
moves in all directions, i know the solution, its slow, its maya amateur hour.
leaf level transforms, probably as maya doesnt know how to take control of
a group properly, ie was only ever half coded. should it disable inherit transform,
i kid you not maya doesnt no wether to or not
lack of proper group instancing with history, the absolute biggee in vfx.
(look at houdini or 3dsmax,cinema4d,…what is mayas problem)

ie all the instanced geo done in vfx movies in houdini, 3dsmax
and no doubt now, lets avoid maya altogether,USD files (do it in bifrost you gotta be kidding)
spend a lot of time looking at the program,
find it annoying
and as spock says worse still for a computer program ILLOGICAL SPOCK.

what does the user expect from a 3d program
no double transforms, proper instancing with history, fairly simple
not for maya,…quite honestly both are shockingly bad for number1 vfx program.
for me in 90% cases unusable even blenders better at instancing with history.
(though blender has its own dumb arse double transform lookalike, ie have to
apply scale 1, align x axis, center pivot issues…or like maya things will
fly off in stupid directions.)

and i am not being critical of the programmers, i couldnt do it,
i am being critical of overall design and management of the maya 3d program itself.
even if it costs $50 lifetime licence if it cant do the basic tasks its useless.
my basic tasks are listed above ad infinitum,…talking for indie here.
clearly vfx houses have different basic tasks,. plus lots of coders. good for them.
clearly they arent worried, get the employee to figure out the
disappearing instances…thats you…time wasting,…jerkofsky.

vfx maya pipeline create one version of an object freeze transforms, export,
reimport or ref and animate…good for one version…enough said.

jerkofsky … a person employed to fix maya.
task pending…unsolvable…due to major design flaw

line 10…jjjeeeeeerrrrrrrkkkoffsskkyyyyy…part of mayas instance coding
paragraph 10 sub compact special edition hot wheels addition
subscibers only…game edition bifrost…please see intern in
basement of autodesk…file under shell modifier with bevel profile,
with non overlapping…extrude…to do what
the same as 3dsmax shell modifier or blender thicken modifier
no hot wheels games edition subscriber needed there.

well it was brought up in the maya houdini clone meeting, but that intern said
it would be easier to create a brand new node system,
than continually patch rooted maya nodes.

jjjeeeeeerrrrrrrkkkoffsskkyyyyy…you spelt it wrong.

and all jjjeeeeeerrrrrrrkkkoffsskkyyyyy
was trying to do was a ferris wheel, with grouped instanced cabs
with full build history, that had an accident and fell to pieces.

aka f…king jerko…identifying mayas limitations and passing the buck
as usual.

all those offended by those trying to improve maya
please forward your complaint to jerko@adesk so he/she/intersex/ai becomes president.
where they will be filed marked secret do not read for 20 years, keep on floppy drive in the ex presidents
basement, thats where they keep the maya master copy…same place they keep
your cloud files…right next to the broom cupboard…strange how computing
hardware and software has no intrinsic value…it always ends up on the
street when they throw out the garbage every 6 months.

apologies to all coders you are gods, we are but instanced particles,
all from the same original particle, bit like having sex with your
tasty cousin, you know you shouldnt, but the thought wont leave
your mind.

not fancying maya these days, join the club.


Ok let’s leave them to re-install maya and delete and re-set up preferences, in peace :^P

… wait, I still have to do that bullshit too


back to instances,

appears mash can have some history on its instances
but if you do a path and revolve and use that geo in mash,
if you move cvs on the path,
the mash geo instances wont update
till you:
either use mash editor on off switch turn off and back on
or use hide and and then re show mash system in outliner
(adjusting mash position rotation on a per particle basis is nigh on impossible)

where maya is not like 3dsmax or houdini or cinema4d or blender,
is duplicate special instance

a normal person would do lots of instances with history ,
then convert only some of them to 3dsmax make “unique” versions with history stack.
to make adjustments
maya can only do duplicate input graph, to make a unique version
with history, and this is really only useful, on the original version.
meaning you have to essentially match position,rot
and scale to your normal old instances. on a per case basis.
painful to say the least.

if you have a group and child instances maya gets really
confused to what is actually history and duplicates
multiple versions of geo and multiple build curves,
most having no history and need deleting

ie its a total mess.
that arent connected to anything.
on single versions

this is for indie hell.

basically when maya programmers created duplicate special,
they didnt really give an option to instance with full history,
and then convert that instance with full history
to a new object with full history, without mass duplication
of junk nodes… and maya cannot do it anyway,
unlike like houdini and 3dsmax…in maya they plain forgot to build the option.
( worse still convert instance to object destroys all history)

maya needs convert instance with history to another new object with full history.

i would say for parametric system 3d modelling system its shit. ok shit not right word,
after 20 years lacking robustiness,though you might call it that if doing
lots of instancing
excuse the truth.


some interesting stuff here maya nodes

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