Maya Hair + Geometry Instancing..



I stumbled upon a great little tutorial for Max, where one created a hair system on poly surface, then used an ‘instancer’ modifier to instance geometry on the dynamic curves of the hair system. Eventually this setup allowed him to have the instanced geometry deform and follow the hair simulation.

Is something like this possible in maya 2010, 2011? :slight_smile:


I’m not sure about polys instanced onto the hair, but hair curves can certainly drive polygon deformation. create a skeleton chain and attach it to an IK chain, drive the IK with the hair curve then smooth bind the skeleton joints to the poly.

You can duplicate special --> Instance all your polys and rig each one separately.

MEL scripting would help here of course.


Thank you for the reply James…

I’m just sad that maya doesn’t have something similar to this… that, and also because I cannot think of anything similar to simulate, or rather emulate in maya, like Max’s ‘click - click - click - done’ workflow.


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