Maya/Fusion project


I received a call for finishing some VFX for an independent movie but the 3D is built in Maya and composited in Fusion.

I have dabbled in both but am not fluent. Do you think if I accepted the project I could be up to speed fairly quickly on Maya and Fusion. I’ve been a C4D/AE guy my whole career but can figure out new software with some work. And if the files are already 90% done it might be easier than starting from scratch.

Or if you know Maya and Fusion, let me know and I can forward the info you you.



What is the “VFX”?

Models plus shader/textures/light/animation? Fluids or liquids? Particles? Dynamics? Character Rigs? All together?

Without knowing the scenes we cannot give an informed opinion.



Like ceen said, its kinda hard to tell without knowing the details. In general id say that a lot in Maya is very similar to C4D, the modelling and animation tools for example are pretty much the same, even if they often work a bit different, the whole interface is relatively similar too i think.
VFX isnt so easy though, Maya is just way more expansive in regard to simulations/vfx stuff. Most of it is conceptually similar to adjust inside Maya (as in once you understand nfluids then Bifröst isnt a huge step anymore) On the other hand, every module has a pretty long list of of settings and unfortunately many of them arent too self-explanatory.

Oh and renderers tend to be a bit more varied to set up then in C4D, in my opinion. Vray for example works almost identical, Arnold has some settings in different places (for example having to un-/check -opaque- in the attributes of an object to make it transparent) and so on…

Might be worth to just get the Student version from the Autodesk page and give it a try with some video tutorials.

No clue about Fusion, looks more similar to Nuke than AE though…


Thanks. I’ve installed the month-free trial and am exploring. I already got into trouble with just the interface changing. I lost the menus at the top and couldn’t figure out how to get them back. So I uninstalled and re-installed. Uhg. I’ll figure that out.

I saw 20 seconds of stuff the previous shop had done and there was a bit of fluid for a logo and then just objects flying around, as far as I could tell. I’m getting files next week so I’ll see what I can do.



I did a vice-versa project than the one you are describing. The renderer I was using wasn’t as supported in C4D as it was in this “other” program so I ended up exporting everything via FBX / ABC (Alembic). Some of the keyframes were off for some reason but since it was a very very simple animation it worked.

I do prefer to work in C4D at all times :slight_smile:


dont under estimate the nightmare that is “other peoples projects” even c4d projects can be crazy time consuming to figure out and tweak. If the project is in a whole different software that can be a whole other circle of hell. Unless the guy was super well organized.

also good idea to find out why the original artist isn’t finishing it. Might be a nightmare client…


Im a maya fusion user but dip into c4d and AE from time to time. maya is way way different than cinema, in many ways more powerful but a mine field of crashing and half implemented features. Cinema makes everythign easy, In maya you have to do everythign manually. and u MUST save your file every 5 minutes minimum. fusion is way way different than AE and in many ways much better especially for straight compositing. incidentally if u lose the menu in maya - cntrl M

if you take on this project as a novice your nuts


This. All of this.


Thanks everybody.

Yes, I am intimately aware of the difficulties in working with someone else’s files. The few that I’ve had to do over the past 15 years have required almost a complete re-do. In the current project they didn’t get too far with actual animation so I’m trying to learn enough to export the models so that I can use them directly or use them as a guide to rebuild them in C4D. Looks like there’s no way to get parametric/NURBS objects out of Maya and into C4D intact; everything will need to be converted to polys. So the models will get heavy and require rebuilding anyway. But the client approved the characters so I need to recreate them as closely as possible.

I don’t know what all was done in Fusion. Hopefully almost nothing yet. The animation they did do got a lot of negative feedback from the client and lots of changes so I feel good that they won’t need me to match any of the animation.