Maya Framesetter (Timelapse) script in C4D


Wondering if we have anything like this in Cinema?

From the artist when asked how it works - "Framesetter script is based on the namespace of the objects ".


Download this
Then export as Collada and import to C4D.
R20 opens the file as empty. I don’t know about R21. Try opening in in some other app and export it as .obj for C4D.


Ah, not necessarily trying to create time-lapse videos of legos.
More trying to create time-lapses of complex models in general.
I have a car here from an a start up gig I just finished, and would love to show it from the ground up.


MoGraph with Plain Effector doesn’t do the trick ?

That video seems like it’s just a bunch of layered Plain Effectors for each type of brick.

If you want parts to pop-up use the visibility parameter in the plain effector.


You can try using the effectors and build it in a similar way shown Here.

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