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Hi Everyone,

I have simulation where smoke and fire is being emitted by different emitters but in the same fluid container. Now I want to render fire and smoke separately in different layers so I can composite them and do color correction separately in Nuke.

How can I do that? If I turn off the smoke emitter then there is no fire.

Can someone please help me.

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Someone please help me out. My project deadline is friday. Please.


You can copy your fluid rigs and then using Attribute Preset Tool copy your values. Then you can render it in different layers.


or search here, there have been numerous threads the past few years about this already…



I am not sure I understand. Can you please explain it to me in steps.




glorious!! can u google for me how to do this, id love to stick it on some of my posts. :twisted:


In the up right corner of attribute editor you’ll find a button called Presets. You can save your entire fluid attributes values as preset and then in the same menu apply it to another fluid. Leave only one emitter in each fluid.


Hi Irakli,

Thanks for explaining. I did this before. But without Density, the fire will not ignite since it is in a different container.

I am attaching my file here so you could better understand my problem

I have 2 emitters.

1 with only density and another with only heat and fuel.



hey there,

after poking around your scene,
i killed the dens emission on the second emitter, and transfered that value to the first emitter,
id personally use render layer overrides on the emitter and separate my heat and density and diffuse light ect ect that way,
then each element you want has its own render layer, and possibly different attribute values accordingly.
there was a tutorial ( id love to get ahold of ) a while ago going around with an ice cream truck explosion, where the author explained this method alot better than i can here,
( if you find that tutorial id love a copy, it could have been a WayneHollingsworth tut , im not sure tbh )

also, id def increase the sub steps and the solver quality, unless you just dialed it all down for the file share.

hope this helps


Agree with ritchiv :thumbsup: . Actually I was doing the same way :slight_smile: .


Thanks a lot ritchiv. I will see if I can find the tutorial.


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