Maya FBX face shading problem


I’m having a problem exporting fbx files from Max 2014 to Maya 2013. Seems like every face is smooth shaded and I can’t find a way to fix it. I do have a work around, exporting my file from Max 2013 instead of 2014 works, but I’d rather get this figured out. I’ve updated Maya and the FBX importer but still no luck. I don’t use Maya very often, so maybe there is a simple face smoothing function that I don’t know about?


When exporting from Max, did you export your smoothing group info as well? It is off by default.

The FBX plug-ins should be able to do the conversion between applications to preserve your smoothing/normal info.

You probably did, since it seemingly works from Max 2013 > Maya 2013, but I figured I’d mention it just in case. If Max 2014 > Maya 2013 doesn’t work, but the 2013 route works, I’d guess that it’s possibly a bug?

Alternately in Max 2014, when exporting to FBX, you can select a previous version of FBX to export to like say 2013.3 and see if that works on import to Maya 2013.


Yes, I did have it turned on, however it has no effect whether it’s on or off. In Max 2013, something will import flat shaded vs smooth shaded, but exporting from 2014 us when I get crazy shading errors. Here’s another screenshot to compare. I’m sure Autodesk has dicked something up like they usually do with fbx. For now my workaround is to save as a Max 2013 file and then export as fbx and things work pretty well that way.


Keilun, just saw the part about saving as a different fbx version and that did the trick! So yeah seems like something is weird with the latest 2014 version of fbx. Then again, maybe it’s 2013 maya. Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know you could change your fbx version like that!


Yeah it could be an issue either on the 2014 Max FBX export or 2013 Maya FBX import. It’s hard to tell. Definitely sounds like a bug / incompatibility between FBX 2013 and 2014.

Not sure which version of 2013 you’re using, but it might be worth updating to 2013.3 if you haven’t and perhaps that would fix it? If not, then yeah I think you’re stuck with exporting to a previous FBX version from Max 2014.


ok had this same problem with the weird shading that comes when importing …

all you have to do is unlock normals and all will be done…

check it out … :thumbsup:


Hi japetus,
As per FBXSDK2014 DOC, FBX 2014 better supported the weight component of normal.

New Features

The fourth vector element of normals, binormals, and tangents are now properly exported to the FBX files in FBX 2014 file format.

But it seems FBX2014 broke the compatibility. It’s a known issue.
Keilun gave a perfect solution
>>Alternately in Max 2014, when exporting to FBX,
>>you can select a previous version of FBX to export to like say 2013.3
>>and see if that works on import to Maya 2013.

Another workaround is to use Maya2014.
I believe it works well with 3ds Max2014 -> FBX2014 ->Maya2014.



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