Maya Duplicate UVs. Combine? Layer?


So I’m working on a scope model, an Eotech, and am unwrapping and sewing edges together.
I see this here

Two pieces, identical. What can I do to combine or layer or merge them together so when texture time comes I don’t have to put in double the work? You know? Like The left side will be textured the same as the left and I only have one UV to texture to accomplish this. Is this possible and if so how?

I have many other identical pieces from the unwrap so this would be helpful trick to know I think.

Thank you


There are a few ways you could do this, two common methods are…

  • Leave them as is. Just paint on one shell and then duplicate, flip and move the texture to the other shell once your done.
  • Overlapping UVs. Flip the UVs on one of the shells horizontally and move it so it sits on top of the other shell. This way when you paint on one shell, your painting on two sets of faces.

The first method works better if you do decide you want to paint variation at a latter stage. For example you can put down several base layers (diffuse, spec) which are just duplicated textures and then paint additional layers (scratches, dirt, decals, etc) which are unique.


Ok I will try the overlapping. Does it need to be perfect line up? I have a nearly a 1:1 ratio of duplicate parts since every object has two sides…

Does that make sense?


The line up doesn’t need to be exact. But if you’ve been duplicating the same object over and over, you can use the mesh transfer command to copy UVs from one object to another. There are probably scripts on creative crash to help with this.


Ok some progress but UV snapshot texture issues

Help greatly appreciated!


I believe you want to scale down each shell one by one.

EDIT… What I mean is … Select one UV of your part (shell), hold down Control and RMB and select “To Shell”, then scale it.

Am I right?


You can check out Ninja UV…
I have a feature that will scale all uv shells to a specific pixel ratio.


You can also use Mayas native function to scale our UV shells to the same texture density:
Use Edit UVs -> Layout with Shell layout set to None (so it doesnt do the actual auto layout) and with Prescale set to world.


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