Maya Display Fixes : Q & A


There seems to be a growing number of users finding problems with Maya using GeForce video cards, because of the amount of different cards, some of these might not work, but hopefully this helps a few people out. If at very least others might be able to post their successful work-around too.

Why does Maya’s viewports go blank when I maximize a viewport panel?

Because of Nvidia’s competition with ATi, Nvidia have been forced to push as much performance from the card using its driver as possible. For Maya users this has resulted in Nvidia removing key procedures on Forceware (50.xx+) which made GeForce “gamer” cards an effective and cheaper alternative to the Quadro series. That, or they’re incapable of fixing this bug at present. This is a problem with 53.xx and even upto 56.xx using both AMD and Intel cpus, GeForce 3/4 and FX series cards… a problem I’m positive is driver level.

Using Detonater series drivers are the work-around, tried and proven as excellent drivers for a majority of users, if you run into the problems:

*Slow marking menus
*Blank viewports
*Slow redraws
*Hypershade crawling

then you should try using 43.xx - 45.xx drivers. Personally would recommend 45.23.
Uninstall Forceware drivers from the Add/Remove Programs manager in the Control Panel before installing.
Find drivers at Http:// // Nvidia Drivers section:

Why does Maya not perform normally on my second monitor?

Maya can not use OpenGL on the 2nd monitor using Dual View.
Use Horizontal-Span mode from the nView Properties.

My artisan tools leaves Paint outline trail?

This one is mostly based on older drivers, but I’ve helped a few people with a suggestion of turning ON V-Sync in the Nvidia Properties, under the OpenGL tab.

And users can also use SoftQuadro, a driver crack which edits the drivers and then loads them successfully to convert the “gamer” versions into Quadro with some exceptions of course. I added this for people that might not of heard about it… more information can be found again at and read questions/answers on their forums :

I’ll do another search tomorrow for more asked questions, and add them to this list if applicable. ATi included.

Again, everyone that has fixed problems or know some fancy hardware tech information, post it for users which will search for this stuff, get their answers, and get on with just dealing with the problems in actually doing 3D :wink:


omg… thank you thank you thank you… that disappearing viewport thing was vexing me forever


don’t forget this little gem

simply maya === script

halfway down there is a workaround script that fixes blank screens, worked for me.


This is very interesting! Hope someone can make a thread for the ATI MobRadeon9600 cards as well (if someone managed to fix the few issues I have that is).

As of 28.may2004, it seems that installing the omegadrivers for cat 4.5 solved all my renderview issues regarding distortion. Oh im so happy.


you can get the drivers list for all the software at the Nvidia Website


The Problems are gone for NV Users with their latest Driver Release (56.64). Available from NV’s FTP:



Well knock me down with a feather!
Nvidia finally fixed it.

Nice find Tom, seems it’s quite new.


Wow cool
thanks alot for the info !


great topic, and thanks for the viewport fix. god that was bugging me, hehe. take care =)


I’ve talked to some people, and this will be my suggestion.

Download the 56.64 drivers, and if they work then great, keep using them.

But, some people are still running into slow-downs, and poor video playback, Quicktime especially. Then I’d recommend the 40.xx’s (45.23 is used for a year) still.

Also, I’m on dual monitors, so nView could be the guilty suspect through my eyes. nView disables itself every 5 minutes on 56’s for me… 44’s only occassionally, slow playback on videos could mean nView as well, and Maya sloooww menus (MM, Hotbox, windows menus) could be it aswell.

If you’re having problems with 56’s, and are on dual, please reply… want to see if this actually the reason.


I’ve got my GF4 Ti4200 SoftQuadro’d with the 43.01 Detonator driver using Riva Tuner 2.0. Any idea if the new Forceware drivers work, or should I stick with my current driver version? Or…update to 45.23?

Second question, regarding TwinView/DualView (what’s the difference between the two anyway?). It used to be installed when I had SoftQuadro’d my GF4 card under Win2K, but when I did a clean install of XP Pro awhile ago and SoftQ’d again, it didn’t install. I’m trying to figure out what happened but haven’t found any info on the net about it. Is TwinView/DualView even included with 43.xx and higher drivers anymore? I thought it was a better dual monitor app than nView… Any info would be great!

-Bad Mange


I have a softQuadro’d Ti4800SE, and all of the issues went away (plus a speed up and more stable maya :wink: , and no, I don’t think the soft Quadro will support the forceware versions of the drivers. From the top of my head, I think the latest version which works with rivatuner is 42.51.

But hell, if it ain’t broke…



My suggestion would be to BUY A QUADRO. XGL’s are virtually same price as a new geforce FX card so I dont see why not.


Ok What about this one:

If you make the incandescence of a lambert to say, 0 0 1, then assign it to an object and playblast or grab a screen shot of it, the colour you see is not the colour you typed in. According to Photoshop you get 0.04 0.04 1.0 instead.

This seems to be the case for even if you change the bg colour of your 3D view.

Is this a Maya quirk or a graphics card anomoly (we’re running Quadro 4 980XGL)???



I have personally noticed Maya not being able to display the correct colour in its swatch beside an attribute in the A.E

Like derriving the colour from one attribute to the other cannot be done by selecting (with the colour picker) on another attributes swatch. Slight differences in values are obvious.

Who to point the finger at… Hmmm


Originally posted by NUKE-CG

But, some people are still running into slow-downs, and poor video playback, Quicktime especially. Then I’d recommend the 40.xx’s (45.23 is used for a year) still.

This were also problems i ran into, but it turned out to be a driver problem. The driver (In my case 45.23 or so) was not deleted fully and one dll was still used. You will have to delete the old NV driver by yourself.
For me it worked very well.



I uninstall, restart, and install new drivers… :frowning:
Nvidia… grrr. :slight_smile:


Hmm, look here :

This should do the job.



Good thread but where exactly is this horizontal span you mention? I’d love to be able to use opengl stuff on the second monitor. I’m lookin in the nView properties but can’t find it!


Bonoman, sorry didn’t notice the new post.

nView Display Mode tab inside the Control Panel - Display - Settings - Advanced - Then your Card Name tab.

Also… an UPDATE on new drivers.

I currently am using the 56.72 - the new drivers available at Http:// .

So far I am quite pleased, they fixed the floating menus from slowing down, well… it did once but maybe a small background task that gobbled some cpu at the same time. As they released these very shortly after the 56.64’s … then they must have realized some stupid mistakes, patched them, and posted them.

So I recommend the new ones for anyone on dual that were getting menu slow downs, they seem fixed at my end which must be good considering I’ve installed then uninstalled pretty much every driver since Forceware was released just to be given the finger and running back to 44’s. :smiley: