Maya DirectX11 Technology Viewport


A little technology preview of something cool the team has been slugging away on :wink:

Model and textures by Jesse Sandifer, images by Marcel de Jong.



Very exciting viewport tech! Nice job guys


Cool, but will it support volume shader, fluids and particles?


This looks pretty slick, I’m excited to see where you guys go with this!


Looks nice. mac and linux users seem to be left in the cold though with directx.


Real-time DX11 displacement mapping in the viewport? Mmm


can it completely replace the standard viewport?


Nice work.

Waiting for the day when the Viewport replaces Mental Ray :beer:


Thanks for sharing Boost!


Notice the 4 new buttons in the viewport toolbar. To me they look like:

[li]Ambient Occlusion[/li][li]Motion Blur[/li][li]Displacement (Only one I’m not really sure about)[/li][li]Depth of Field[/li][/ul]Any improvement is a good improvement! (Doh!)



You know that the viewport 2.0 already supports realtime AO and motion blur, right?


… and depth of field :slight_smile:


Yep…hence the (Doh!).



Hmm…isn’t this somewhat similar to what Mudbox already has?


It is very nice, but I hope that it also would accurately preview mental ray’s settings. Will viewport 2.0 be tonemapped according to mia exposure’s settings? Will lights with raytrace shadows checked cast shadows in the viewport (i don’t want to have realtime raytracing of course but it would be nice to see a shadow map representation of a raytrace shadows in realtime)?


Take note, the last screenshot has a staggering 1.5 FPS :surprised


Take note, it’s a Technology Preview, not a finished product


A fast preview renderer like Modo’s or something along Spraytrace IPR or a decent iRay implementation would be much more helpfull if you want to evaluate your scene or do lookdevelopment with MentalRay. DirectX11 / openGL viewports is for game development and previs crowd maybe.

Why ADSK choose DirectX instead of openGL is still a mysery to me. Especially since Mudbox has a much better openGL viewport renderer already. Maya is multiplatform. That’s why they rewrote the UI with Qt…

I have the feeling that ADSK will make an aquisition one day and that all the work they did since the anouncement of viewport2.0 will become trashworthy.


My sentiments exactly. I can’t get excited about this at all until it becomes available to all paying customers. Not just the Windows contingent. We really don’t need this sort of fragmentation. Very strange choice. :surprised


if you dont rotate the viewport 2.0 its not showing the full fps…