Maya crashed.. help plz


Sorry I am not sure that is it rightdepartment to post?
And sorry for still posting my problem.
here is my problem’s summarize:

Since last month, I was modeling motorbike
As I almost finish the modeling and startedto work on detail part of element.
Maya was crashed ( and there is screen thatshow “maya application file has stopped working”)
Every time I try to reopen the file. Maya application would crash with this notice as I was switching view point or used polygon’s tool in that file. But this situation only happened in that motorbikescene and this is most complex and big scene Iever made so far
ps: I only use polygon in this scene anddidn’t do rendering yet.

-THINGS I’VE TRIED SO FAR and to whateffect
l I tried to explore my mesh as object file and then reimport it intoa new maya file but same problem still existed.
l I also tried to open the file as .ma file. The situation become well, but when I render the model, it mostly would be crashed again as I change viewpoint or copy element of model. If application didn’t crash, option menu won’t show up if click right button on the mouse. (it still function but didn’t seethe image.)

  • full text of any error messages
    “mayaapplication file has stopped working”

-any other odd behavior in The Applicationor OS?
None so far

  • does it repeat with any Applicationfiles?
    Only this motorbike scene and it is most big and complex scene I ever made so far.

-location of the computer (Next toradiator, on volcano, floating on ocean, etc)
Ilive in a house. Its not locate any region above. The host locates under my table. tempture is nomal as it runningMaya.

  • Any pets/children with access to themachine?
    I don’t live with pet and children.

  • Was the machinerecently moved or transported?
    Is this a newsystem or new installation? If not, provide:
    -Autodesk Maya2013 32-bit Version

a) What version ofthe application are you using?
-Autodesk Maya2013 32-bit Version

d) Are youusing…Direct3D, Heidi, Maxextreme, or OpenGL?
-sorry I’m notquite sure, How to check which one I use?

e) Have yourecently upgraded a piece of hardware, installed the application on a secondmachine, or transferred a license?

f) Have you triedrunning software heidi by executing max with the 3dsmax.exe -h command line?Does the problem reoccur if you use software heidi?

g) Which 3rd party plugins are installed?

l Sorry not quite sure what is 3rd party plugins. I checked definitionof 3rd party plugins, I only have Adobe Photoshop CS4
h) Do other programs other then the 3dapplication lockup/crash/explode/implode in similar fashions?

l As far as I know I got similar fashions as I playing Skyrim. Not surehow did it happened but it didn’t happened usually. Maybe crash it about two orthree time for skyrim. And sorry, I am not sure I open another application asplaying Skyrim in that period of time.

i) Are you overclocking the…Ram, FSB,CPU, PCI/AGP, or Video card(s) inanymanner, shape, form, or dimension?

  1. Operating system plus any service packsinstalled.
    a) Direct X version:
    Direct X 11

b) Any 3rd party overclocking utilities orvideo card utilities:

  1. Ram configuration and Ram Speed (# ofdimms, where the dimms are, what speed, how big, branding of the memory)
    Sorry I spend some time to find the importationabove rom system, and I didn’t find it, I will keep try to look for it.

l 6 RAMs
l Kinqston DDR1333 2G x3

  1. Motherboard, chipset information,processor speed, board revision
    AsusRampage 2 Extreme

4a) Processor cooling, case cooling
4b) Current CPU Temp, Current System Temp(Found in bios, Press DEL upon bootup)
1 intake fan, 1 exhaust fans for the case.
GPU remain 65c and Core Temp remain around52c as it running Maya.

  1. Video card, drivers being used with thevideocard, modifications done
    ATI Radeon HD 5900 Series Version 12.8

  2. Bios settings, AGP4x, AGP driving value.
    Default bios settings

7)Type of periphals in the computer (Soundcard, Scsi card)
SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio

8)Wattage of power supply
Sseasonic X-series 750w

  1. Check all the cables in the system.Check them again. Check them a third time. Inspect for nicks/cuts/scrapes ofelectrical cords, especially IDE/SCSI/SATA cords. A .1 mm nick can render driveerrors. Make sure all cables are SEATED properly.

  2. Check that all cards are seatedproperly.

  3. Check the ram seating. Are you usingdimm’s 0/1 first? Or did you put the ram in reverse order?
    Yes. I use dimm’s 0/1 first, they all beset in appropriate order.

  4. Make sure the processor heatsinks arefirmly attached, and that there are no air gaps between the sink and the coreof the cpu. Make sure that thermal paste/grease/tape was used between the twomediums.
    Thank for remind! Checked.

  5. Clean out dust. All fans, vents, pcb’s,heatsinks. Removing dust not only increases thermal efficency, but quiets downthe system as well.
    Checked. Cleaned out all the dust

Here is my addiction information of mycomputer:
Windows 7 32bit
Intel® Core™ i7 CPU

can anyone help?

Thank for watching

really sorry for troubling


for a guy named VisualSympathy, you really know how to make it hard to read your post. Make it white text and not so many lines.


No kidding- fix this! POOR cut n paste job-

To me sounds like either- corrupted save file, incompatible assets or altered locations of files/assets?

Also try uninstalling then reinstalling vid drivers and maybe even Maya- do you save as MB or MA?


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