maya chamfer


In max you can just created chamfered boxes and other objects from the start.

Is there a way to do this in maya? Or atleast round JUST the edges?



Well, there is bevel which does this (I think?), although there’s just one little problem with it…

It doesn’t work…


yes it does, you just have to set the offset value to something that approximates the amount you want it to bevel. It doesnt have a nice gizmo thingy to do it though, which is a big pain


bevel in maya messes up the geometry bigtime , gives you all kinds of unwanted triangles and n-sided poly’s.

I recommend avoiding at all costs.


I recommend avoiding at all costs.

yeah, so do I. I have only used it about 3 times. I was just saying that it does work, if you really need to use it.


Actually no, it doesn’t work at all :slight_smile:
It’s exactly like Sheep Factory said, if you try to bevel more than two edges at the same time, you will see that it makes triangles and n-gons to where should only be one edge… and I just can’t understand why it does this, but that’s just the way it is…

Oh and about the missing gizmo, it’s not that bad thing, you can highlight the offset value of the node after you’ve done the bevel, and then with MMB drag change it like with a gizmo. And remember that with shift+MMB you get more precise dragging.


So there is no way to bevel edges effectively? I thought that was the important thing in modeling… b/c no objects are really hard edged.

BTW (off the topic) is there a quick way to cycle between copy and instance copy in maya?


There are tons of ways to bevel in Maya, thay are just harder to do than people want them to be. MJPoly tools is my first choice. You can also use the split polygon tool. This just takes some practice to do effectively. Start by opening the tool options window after you select the tool and play with the two settings. It really works fine, it becomes an art form in itself after a while.
And, yes bevels are extremely important.

Off topic question…
You can change the settings back pretty quickly, but if you instance copy alot, make it a hotkey(in editor) or put it in your hotbox.


I think my new signature answers pretty well what I did to solve all my modeling problems with Maya :thumbsup:

I was very pleased to see that the importers and exporters of both Maya and Wings work perfectly with each other, now I can model with the good bevels/connects/magnets Wings provide, then quickly export to and obj, import back to Maya, continue from there, maybe export to an obj and import Wings for further refining and so on…

I’m in heaven…


i still prefer do all these stuff in a SINGLE app! : 3DS MAX 5
( :slight_smile: -wT-, don’t start another fight with me please! )


Ofcourse not Ila, we both have a good solution for the very same problem, which pleases us both :beer:


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