Maya Can't Do This Can It?


I had a look to find where the alt+lmb/mmb/rmb settings were in the scripts, and didn’t come across anything, unfortunately.


right. there should be a line of code/script/whatever that can call LMB,MMB and RMB shouldn’t there?

I would think having this feature in MEL would be HUGE, i mean, just think about the customization possibilities. So theres no way to assign something to LMB,MMB and RMB is there?

Sorry if this is a lame question but the pan/dolly and zoom are assigned to different buttons so i wanted to see if there was a way, now that its been figured out how to assign S to the navigational tool in maya, to change what navigational tool each MB brings up, for instance, so i could change the zoom tool to come up when i press S+LMB instead of say S+RMB, is this possible?


Ideally, there should. Although a lot of maya’s UI is comprised of scripts that are easily configured, there are some things that are hardcoded inside the program, and unfortunately, this seems to be one of them. But I’d love to be mistaken!

As far as assigning keys to different mouse buttons. I’m aware of assigning marking menus to the different mouse buttons, but not just commands. According to Emil3d, he has the space bar which allows him to use the mousebuttons on pressing space, so he may be able to shed some light here.


in max there is an actual mouse class.
where you can eazily call stuff like
i’m sure that maya would have a similar read only set of variables.
if for some reason you can’t simply do some thing as a short cut key.
and you totaly need a script then, in max a mouse tool could be written to do it.
which allows you to run more mouse and keyboard
like shift click ctrl click ctrl drag.
crap like that.
i’m sure you can look all this stuff up in the maya script referance too.
but then this could be nothing like max.:rolleyes:


well with a draggerContext command you can query things like mouse position, mouse button, modifier (ctrl, alt, shift). But with the nature of Maya, the right mouse button requires a lot of script editing to modify (or at least finding the right scripts). Which is one thing I’d like to see changed in future versions of Maya. That is, allowing you to customise the functionality of the right mouse button, or everything UI related, really.


Iconoklast, I did nothing, I just used what Toonabel found out can be used for his s key from the link he posted earlier which, was simply this command: [i]

overrideModifier -press Alt;[/i]

  I simply assigned that to the space bar to move the whole Alt key functionality to a new key. That’s all.


There are “external tools” that you can use to remap alt to space and vice versa.


The disadvantage is that it is a global setting in windows so it will not be specific to just maya.


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