Maya - CACHE recalculating?


Hi, my problem is recalculating before rendering a sequence. Why is that happening? How to avoid it? I have all of my dynamics cached already. Every nObject has separate cache file, enabled and cache is working. But no, maya has to recalculate before rendering. I also disabled all dynamics nodes by Modify> evaluate nodes> …
I wanted to avoid particle disk cache because it takes too much disk space.

Let’s say I want to render frames 800-1000 - maya starts recalculating from frame 200. I checked and none of my object nucleuses start at frame 200.

Please if somebody had the same problem and maybe resolved it, can you share how? Escape key doesnt always work.


What version of Maya are you using?


in both Maya help>about section and my autodesk profile it says 2018 student version. I downloaded and installed
it in July 2018