Maya: Bridge Function Problem



I’m having a problem using the Bridge function. It appears that when I bump up the divisions, my mesh goes wireframe only.

At first I’m using only 1 division:

When I add more it goes berserk:

And in render, it appears that there is no geometry at all:

Whats the deuce?


Hmm, not too sure about the weird geometry, but one of the reasons that your geometry might be going invisible is the normals. Make sure that all the normals are facing outwards if you have backface culling on, and see if unlocking the normals changes anything.

hope that helps.


try reapplying a shader to the mesh. Sometimes the shading group will get disconnected from a mesh or parts of a mesh, causing it to only appear as a wireframe. Also check for non-manifold geometry, which might be messing up the bridge tool.


Figured this out.

It seems that if you don’t specify Smoothing Angle from the start, Maya 11 starts acting up. I’ve fixed the issue by inputting the base value of 30 for the Smoothing Angle.

Thanks for the care anyway!


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