Maya Blobby surface render-SOLVED-


Hi everybody!
I need to render some oil paint strokes, with a real thickness and detailed surface…
I’m using particles emitted from a surface…is possible, with arnold ,to inherit color from particles to the remeshed particles?..there is a walkaround?there is some new way…maybe using bifrost?

Pls help!!:slight_smile:
Thanks alot!


could you post an image of what you need to render…?



I need to convert those particles to a mesh wich inherit the particle color…i did try exporting rgbPP and plug it in the shader using an aiuserdatafloat, but it render the default color…


I did try installing mray and with mray it works…the problem is probably to convert the particle color info to vertex in arnold?ANY IDEA?


in your nparticleshape you have this tab “output Mesh” be sure to tick “color per vertex” this will create a new color set for your converted mesh.
Open the color set editor and you will see “colorPV” then you will just have to pass the vertex color to your render.


Hi Onouris!
Thank you so much!i did not know the existence of the color set editor!I did try what you suggest but i still get the default color…i attach an image…


EUREKA!I did found the solution, wa sismple,just tick the export vertex data from the shape of the geo, in the arnold tab!
Thanks alot!