Maya, bifrost, ocean, boss?


Hi, im trying to make a scene where a shark swims through water. Aaoceanshader isnt effected by the shark? I cant even get aaoceanshader to to work with maya renderman atm, ill have another go, if it´s worth the effort. :/.
Problem is… Renderman and water.

So, should i use Maya bifrost, maby even Boss, as a deformer and add glass material from renderman? What shader should i use?

I want it to look like this video, any tips?


Hello. You could do a quick test using the Bifrost example included in Maya. Swap the boat with your shark and re-cache. Mesh your Bifrost sim and export as Alembic if you want to use it with some other application or just want it to run faster on your machine. Sorry, I’m not familiar with Renderman shaders, but this youtube video addresses ocean environments and Renderman:



Thanks, ill try the motorboat. In the Renderman example i think he uses lollipop shader, those are unavalible atm.
The shader i tried was the aaoceanshader, and i still havent got it to work, 10 times i tried to install it.


Ok, so now im rendering water in renderman. Caching it with bifrost, it seems to work fine until i batch render, then its just still or not even there, like it froze on the first frame. Both liquid cache and mesh cache is on. What am i doing wrong?

Trying this Albemic atm, not sure how to do it, but it sounds like a good idéa. Any tips? On the mesh, or liquid, or container?


What am i doing wrong?