maya assign hotkey to shelf button


how can I assign a hotkey to a shelf button in maya or access the hotkey via a marking menu?


Why not just copy and paste the shelf buttons command(s) to a new hotkey/marking menu item?


if the shelf button executes custom code, then you need to open the Shelf Editor, and copy the code for the button.

then open the Hotkey Editor, make a new hotkey, and paste the code into it. Give it a new name, and then you can assign a hotkey to it.

if you are referring to one of the standard shelf buttons, then I would recommend using the search features of the hotkey editor to find a command that is the same or similar.


all right thanks for the tip.
Is there way to edit the context sensitive menus in maya (when you click shift + RMB)?


You can but it requires overriding the Mel scripts that make them


I want to do the same thing as heavymetalfox, but in maya 2018.

How to make a “new hot key” in maya 2018?