Maya Arnold rendering Subsurface. /SSS/


Hi Everyone,

I have a problem when I start to render my model I turn on Subsurface Weight to 1.000
I start to render it I got this ( looks shows the wireframe)
Without SSS it is render properly showing the Diffuse map.
Anyone knows what is the problem?
Thank you for the help!



Could you upload a scene file here?
Maybe just a part of the head if you wont like to share it.


Hi, you have any idea why my model looks like that? You want the full image?


I have no idea. thats why i would need the scene to find it out.


I send it tomorrow the scene and the subsurface set up, I hope you can help me, it is ok for you?


What is your experience with Maya, do you work a lot with it?


Every day for 15 years should be enough.


Do you live in California?