Maya arnold realtime render viewport crashs maya all the time


maya arnold realtime render viewport crashs maya all the time

literally unstable, if you are saving your file, updating geo, changing shaders, instancing, grouping,
if you have left the realtime arnold render window open

chances are it will crash…reboot wait wait, save the crash file, 5mins later.
this for learners not sure pros
maybe they are crash proofed.

solution use blender cycles realtime viewport
extra blender usable vram spare thrown in.
not like maya arnold says using 3gb vram, 6gb card crash…

but as maya vfx standard…durh…soldier on.

or TURN OFF renderview before doing anything elsewhere,(read any task at all?)
not sure what elsewhere is

following day small scene its fine

arnold SG why doesnt it have the same name as your arnold material
so you know what it is.(naming everything twice bit like
double transform for the hypershade)
SG its the shape group for shaders…actually not sure why it has displacement outside the shader.

what sort of graphics card is required to see the actual arnold diffuse map in the maya viewport2(gold standard
shows less than viewport1)
if it has reflectivity, rather than a black shader… operator useability 0/10
this appears mostly to be carpaint problem
actually is metalness slider on ai def shader, cant really switch off

use any other 3d program to see shaders.

think gamer vram cards and work up…all must work.

why dont ai shader balls automatically give low res look in ai shaders in hypershade?

ai physical sky gets in the way of everything hide it no render, waste of time.
no i dont want to select it thankyou arnold.

clicking on arnold node in hypershade doesnt always go to relevant tab
in hypershade and attribute editor, why?

arnold opacity tree leaves and vram, why bother it will crash bigtime on scattering systems,
blender ok by miles go figure that one.

will say arnold can still render if only 1gb ram left, so thats good,
except it will be cpu 10mins plus per frame so you wont get
your sample animation out unless a render farm.

use arnold lots of crashs catch 22,
the following day will work fine
seems scene dependent for crashes,