Maya/Arnold Normal Map Flipped on Seam Problem


I’m running into a couple weird problems in Maya. For starters, all these models have a seam down the center of the model and in some cases, the normal map looks like it may be flipped/inverted as it goes from one side to the other.

Also, going with the textured setting for the viewport gives me this very basic looking display that doesn’t reflect the normal map or textures.

Here’s another example of a seam going down the middle where the model is mirrored.

Here is the hypershade setup I’m using for these materials

Here are a few things I’ve tried with no success:
Flipping various combinations of red and green on the normal map
Changing the color space to RAW
Checked which way the normals are facing on the mesh

Any help figuring out what’s going on here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!