Maya, Arnold AOVs and rebuilding the beauty pass


Hi all.

I’m a relative recent convert to Arnold and I am having some trouble reconstructing a result that matches my beauty pass from the AOVs. I’m rendering direct_diffuse, indirect_diffuse, direct_specular, indirect_specular and reflection AOVs (I have no SSS, refractive materials in my scene) as exr files, and compositing them in After Effects using Add blending mode (working space is sRGB, not interpreting the renders with and profile), but its just not matching the beauty result. Things just end up too bright in the highlights, the colour is off…yeah, Im sure I am doing something incorrectly.

Any ideas if there’s some additional passes which I should be rendering, or a different technique I should be using in the comp to get a correct result?

Kinda scratching my head over this but I know it should be something pretty simple. Thanks in advance for any tips,


maybe thats a good question for the Arnold board…


This might help ya.