maya animation books


im reading a lot of books for 2d animators that has a lot of use for 3d also, but im getting in a point, that i would like to find books more especific in the subject of maya, so i could get a better way to do my animations and to learn what tools maya has to help me, but most part of what i can find teach or modeling or riging of char, and little part to the actual animation, anyone know any books that could help me in this point?

another question relating the subject is if the is in maya something like tragectories ( dont know how to spell =( .) the only way is to use ghost? becuase with ghost is not a very efficient way to see arcs and other stuff.

thanks a lot, what what is the best part to show animation for critics, to put here in this sections a topic with the animations to get c&c.

thanks a lot


I want Maya animation VTM’s and/or DVD’s. But where?


I would head on over to and see what they have on offer. Digital Tutors has some neat stuff for general Maya training.

For arcs and stuff, use a dry-erase marker on your monitor, it works a treat. Not sure you should try it if you have an LCD tho! :slight_smile:


good stuff Vyntax -

A REALLY good site to check out is - he has some great animation articles that are not software specific



mmm, for arc’s and line of action stuff i’d recommend using jason schleifer’s grease pencil script. it’s a pretty nifty little tool :thumbsup:


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