Maya and Radeon 9700


I recently upgraded my video card from an ATI Radeon 7500 to a Sapphire Radeon 9700. The card is awesome! but the one thing i noticed in Maya was that whenever i create an Image Plane the image will always block the objects plus the GRID behind them in the Front and Side views. Even when i try adjusting the location on the X and Z axis it would stay the same. When i changed my video card back to 7500 everything is fine.

Do any fellow 9700 owners know a solution to this problem. It has been very frustrating :cry:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Increasing image plane depth had no effect eh?


It’s a problem with the ATI drivers. Something is screwey. I had the same problem. You can download powerstrip and disable the z-buffer. At least it worked for me.


sqitso how do u manage to model if u can’t see behind the image? do u just lower ur alpha gain?

well guess we’ll have to wait for new drivers or a new verison of maya to come out that will hopefully supprt this card :argh:

Thanks everyone for ur help :thumbsup:


This is a problem that has been reported to ATI in september 2002. They won’t do anything to fix it because they want you to buy the FireGL X1 which is basicly the same card but costs about twice. It’s a shame…


You’ve probably already thought of this.

Creat a NURBs or Poly plane with the dimensions
w = .648 x h = .486. for NTSC (Unless the image plane is for model sheets then try to match the dimensions of the sheets)

Parent the NURBs or Poly plane to your camera.

Once parented, translate the plane back in Z space, so your foreground objects are visible.

Then evenly increase the scale values of your psuedo image plane, so that the edges of your plane match the edges of your resolution gate.

Create a Surface Shader

Click on the color texture tab and create a normal file texture.

Source your image file.

I had used this method When I learned Maya v1.0 on an SGI Indy. I couldn’t effectively use image planes because it would crash the program.

I know it’s a pain,…but it should do the trick.

Sorry about your card,…




you could try here…

thay have alot of info about ati gfx cards:thumbsup:


Originally posted by mushroomgod
[B]you could try here…

thay have alot of info about ati gfx cards:thumbsup: [/B]

these guys are more focussed on gaming performance than professional 3d use. certianly chekc out their forums, but i don’t expect you’ll find much useful information.


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