Maya and Arnold on Apple Silicon


I just want to place here my disappointment that after over a year, Autodesk still haven’t produced a native version of Maya and Arnold for the M1 Pro or M1 Max chips. Blender are actively engaged with Apple in doing this and Octane and other renderers are addressing the issue.
I have to make a decision in my University on which combination of 3D application and renderer we go with in future and at the moment, Maya and Arnold on the Mac are untenable. Rendering under emulation is slower than on X86 and few render farms support Arnold due to licence restrictions.
Does anyone have any information on whether Autodesk will take Apple silicon seriously and make full use of that technology?


Autodesk will start taking it seriously as soon as anyone in the industry does, which simply isn’t going to happen. They’re also not making Android or iPhone versions, if that makes you feel any better. But they do have a WinPhone version so maybe you could try that out?


@InfernalDarkness I can see you put a lot of effort into this, but I think you could still be a quite a bit more arrogant and rude, if you try harder.

You score points for not using your head though, and realizing that if they made a version for Mac, then they’ll make a version for Mac’s new chip, esp. since it’ll only take them 5 minutes to squat down and poop out another shitty port and ignore all the bugs just like the rest of them.

Honestly though can you really say that AD doesn’t drag their asses as much as possible? I mean they’ve had destructive bugs that lasted - quite literally - decades without being fixed… and you want us to think that the M1 just isn’t good enough for ‘them’? LOL

@Teslsagirl you’re WAY better off with Houdini, their learner version is far better, and it’s not leftover trash from the 90’s to begin with.


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