Maya Advanced skeleton problem


Hello everyone.
I have a real problem with maya advanced skeleton. I updated the plugin. And I am trying to rig a non symmetrical face and the new face setup has the ability to rig both sides of these faces.
I have a big problem with lips like this picture below :
When I try to determine outer line it draw an additional line from top to bottom so there will be error when I want to build the face.
for one sided faces it works well.


Hi saeeds261,

To me it looks like the software is unable to determine the edge where your symmetry lies on your model.
It looks like the line is offset by one edge, but I am unsure about this because your image is in perspective view. If you count your edges flowing around your mouth do you get the same number of edges lying both sides of the center line? It could be your model is slightly asymmetrical, something you would easily be able to fix.


Hello dear,
The number of edges are equal but my model is not symmetry at all. that is why I use the non symmetrical feature of the advanced skeleton. But I think you are right my model should be symmetrical in order to works well with this rig. Could you tell me how to make it symmetrical? just for the lib section. other parts are good


You could try defining a different edge loop as your outerlip to see if you can detect where the problem might lie, or maybe insert another edge loop in the lips and see if it makes a difference. If you go to a front view and select everything on your left, look at the HUD at edge and vertex counts and then do the same on your right you will see if there is extra geo on one side of the head. You might be able to delete an edge loop(s) out of there to make it symmetrical. Otherwise, you may have to do something drastic like delete one half of the head, mirror and merge back together.


Thank you both sides have equal edge and vertex. I tried to select another edge loop a bit outside of the lips and problem is solved now. I think :smile: