MAYA: A Wrinkle map advice ?


Greetings Everybody!
I have followed this tutorial about “create displacement wrinkle map and drive it by blendshape node”

My character is rendered in Vray, Vrayfastsss2 for the skin and some displacement maps. I have succeeded in testing the tutorial for wrinkle map. But i realized it took a lot of time to render whatever your map is large or small
…you have loaded a plenty of them in “Plus/Minus/Average node” and plug it in Displacement slot…well, i really want to find out any other way to do Facial Wrinkle Deformer instead of displacement map.
I have tried to plug all these nodes in Bump slot but vrayfastsss2 seems not to be work with bump maps, i showed nothing when i render.
Hope you guys help me out. I really confusing. Thank you.


Anyone ? Please - _ -


you could use the tension deformer (maya 2017 and up), but for finer details you will need a dense mesh.
The displacement workflow is the way to go for that.


Thanks Onouris.
I think i will stick with displacement.