Maya 8.5 Complete, license + processor limits please help !



I am about to purchase Maya 8.5 Complete, but I am unclear of it’s limitations, due to the AWFUL and incomplete license / cpu information on the Autodesk site.

I will be running Maya Complete on a 8 processor machine. Will I be able to use all the processors when rendering in Maya and Mental Ray ?

Also, what is the practicle difference between Maya 8.5 Complete STANDALONE and NETWORK ($1000 difference in price)

Also are there any render advantage to Maya 2008 ? Will it run on more cpu’s (if 8.5 won’t)

Thanks for your help !


You must be sitting on a damn mean machine!
I use Maya Complete with a 2 quad core procs machine, which makes a total of 8 cores. Works really nice.
Maya 2008 resp. MentalRay 3.6 doesn’t use more cores. It might use cores more efficiently…


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