Maya 6 - Soft Modification Bug?


Create a poly sphere, switch to Vertex or Face mode and drag some around with the tool. Now attempt to drag on one of the existing S’s that show up where you did the modifications. Instant crash to desktop to me with an error about being unable to save a temporary file. Even trying to click and select that S will crash Maya 6 for me.

Is anyone else getting this or do I have something configured wrong? I’m not running out of disk space and I have full access to the temp folder it’s trying to write to.


i’ll test it in a second…
i’ve got 3 softmod hangles on my characters forehead… jesus, I just realized how much easier making facial expressions will be specially with blendshapes! :smiley:


Can’t reproduce it here.


I can’t reproduce it either.

Cool tool!


No bug here.

This thing is a LIFE SAVER for making blenshapes.


I finally found out how it’s meant to use that softMod Tool… Oh my gosh…

I did not know that I have to select all the verts i want to modify with it - I thought the softMod Manipulator would handle that for me and I always wondered why this thing is not working.

However, I prefer working with a Soft Selection like Silo has - Select one vert, spin your mouse wheel and… there you go! That’s a lot faster and a lot more intuitive than this “softMod Cluster thingy approach”.


just uncheck Mask Unselected, and you can pick a vert, move (the soft selection moves), then pick another and repeat etc. Another thing that can confuse is if the default radius is way too big or small, and nothing happens even though you’re adjusting it. (if it still doesn’t work, make sure there’s no history or the surface is locked or something.)


Oh great. Just found out that the docs are pretty much useless.

Now it’s working pretty good. If you can tell me how that tool is best used in two simple sentences, why can’t Alias do the same thing? I read the docs about the softMod Tool and had no clue about that!


Hehe, Soft Modification Bug…

Sorry i have to say that. But this tool is a Complete BUG!
Why? When the target of this Tool, was an way to easy get your
Charakter sculpted. Then this Goal has 100 m manqué!!

This Tool is the best example for an development from Programmer and
without any artist!!

Sorry Alias, redesign it! And please take a look @wings 3D



Well… Try what Mr. Stahlberg posted a few posts above, without the “Mask Unselected” Option it’s not too bad. Sure, it could have been implemented a lot better into Maya (I still don’t see a “real” area of influence - Would be nice to see which verts would actually be affected…), but it’s a lot better than working with this “Set Membership/Cluster thing”.

I don’t really understand why they did not just create a Soft Selection like in Silo (grab one Vert, Switch Soft Selections on, spin your mousewheel and vertex coloring shows you the Soft Selection), but that’s Alias… :slight_smile:

It’s a lot better than before, if you have to create blendShapes and Maya is the only tool available… Well… you get the idea :wink:


personally I have a lot more use for XSI’s “Proportional Modeling” Especially combined with the “Move Component Tool”.

These are two things Alias really needs to look at. Because Mayas implimentation of Soft Selection is very clunky compared to XSI. I guess that is the nature of Maya though.


Hmmm…either I have done everything wrong, or there’s really something buggy about the softmod tool - it just doesn’t work for me!

No crashes or things like that - it just doesn’t work.

And sometimes I can’t delete the softmod history. On the other hand, if I click the node in the channel box, Maya will loose the focus and selects simply nothing.



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