Maya 6 dual Bevel problems


So, I don’t usually use Bevel and I have been trying to take a cube, bevel all the edges to get a sort of “0” shape, then select the top face, convert selection to edge and bevel that edge. While I get a result the second bevel has lots of polys that are seperation. I have messed with most of the parameters but can’t get a clean result. This is for realtime so ugly geometry is bad and I don’t want to weld 80 seams. DO I need PowerBevel? Or some Bonus tool?

I remember people complaining about bevel in the past.



maya’s bevel tool sucks and probably always will.

i think i’ve heard that Byron has created a bevel tool that is worth it’s weight in gold.


With maya 6 you don’t need the Byron bevel tool (atleast not the free one, that is if there any difference between the free and the bought one) because when you make a bevel with only one “segment” (Byron bevel tool can’t make more then one segment) you will have no problem at all (or you will be able to fix it with “angle tolerance”). The problem starts when you use more then one segment, then the edge/s wich are created between the two outer edges will be seperate from each other (of course you need to bevel more then one edge in a loop for this to happen, the “effects” is most noticeable on the corners of the mesh).


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