Maya 6.0 PLE with "improved watermarks" and mentalray


Almost every feature found in the full commercial version of Maya Complete™ 6 including new character animation technology, Adobe Photoshop integration, enhancements to modeling and dynamics and numerous other features.

The award winning mental ray renderer and the ability to preview vector rendering.
An improved watermark



Hmmm, I’m curious if one creates work in the PLE version and then later purchases the commerial version, will they be able to seamlessly import the files from PLE? By this, I mean they can render their work without the watermark showing.


1.10 Can Maya read files created by the Maya Personal Learning Edition? No. The commercial version of Maya software cannot not read Maya Personal Learning Edition files. Files created with the Maya Personal Learning Edition are for non-commercial use only.

So all your work will be lost when / if you get the pro version :frowning:


nope … that way people would be able to use maya for free and render in another application.

maya ple uses .mp format files i think, and which cannot be imported into any renderer package (would be cool if there were such a file converter, heh)

but still PLE is an excellent way to get your skills up there right to the point where you think you can actually make money from your skills, then invest in the commercial package and get your money back from your work within a few projects.


No big deal. Sounds perfect for learning. I think I will give it a try. Thanks.


It would be nice if they would offer a conversion of PLE to MB when you buy Maya though.

I would think that after learning it for a while you would have a vew meshes that you would love to keep.


and how does the improved watermark look like?


dunno yet, but i’m downloading it now and i’ll post a pic as soon as i do a test render :slight_smile:


I’m anxious to see it too. Render away, my friend, render away.


A quick render of there sample files.



I can’t say I remember exactly how the old watermark looked - but in what way is that thing above an improvement?


Wow, the first one who discovers the watermark will get Maya Unlimited for free. :scream:


hmm, maybe it’s hidden under the table?


a table? oh, is THAT what that is a render of… i was too distracted by the friggin’ watermarks! jeeze alias, take a note from xsi or somethin’ already. your free version is crap because of how annoying the renders are. maybe the improved watermark they’re talking about is the one they throw in the viewports


The strange thing is, there was a thread here earlier this day called “Free Maya!!!”. And if I remember right. Leonard says that someone from the Maya booth at Siggraph told him the watermark would be a tiny little one in the lower edge of the rendering, hardly recognisable.

The thread is gone now. Or may be I just got crazy waiting for the results of the machineflesh challenge. :scream:


What does the watermark in XSI look like?


XSI also has viewport watermarks to but they’re almost transparent and I didn’t even notice them until looking closely unlike alias’s watermark which basically covers everything.


I tried out Maya PLE 5.0 a few months back. I can appreciate having a watermark on the rendered result, but having in the actual viewport is a bit much. :argh:


So is there still a watermark in the shaded viewport? That’s really crazy - Modeling ain’t no fun like that…


There was one in PLE 5. Dunno about PLE 6 yet.