Maya 6.0.1


Well, it’s out at

Seems to be a very minor update. No new/fixed FEATUREs, and the bugfixes seem to be very limited at best. Ho hum…


Hmmmm… I’ve read in several posts now, how people are unable to use Maya 6 in production. Somehow, it doesn’t read as though this is going to change their minds. Oh, well maybe I should let someone in production answer that… cheers


One piece of advice, and this goes for ANY software package, is DO NOT upgrade your software when you are mid-production. It can only cause problems.


Yay! They fixed the broken channel box.

Check the docs, there might be some bug fixes you wanted:


Be warned…I upgraded and took a huge performance hit…about 5 frames at least in a spec benchmark scene test I have at work. That’s a huge performance hit…

I am going back to 6.0, I can’t believe alias would pull that kinda shit, I am going to try and figure out exactly what they did to make maya 6.01 run so much slower then 6.0 …

They might of fixed some bugs…but at the cost of a huge performance hit…

and that sucks.


ATI High quality shading problem fixed!!:slight_smile:
X800 XT is very fast in Maya 6!
And now ,a “big” problem is solved.
Thank You ALIAS!:wink:


why am i not seeing this upgrade … i am a mac user and it says unlimited for mac adding in that pdf however click on website and it still says comming soon…


Yeah, I bet Alias all sat around a table and went, “Lets give Ckerr812 a performance hit! What a laugh!” :rolleyes:


You have no idea what your talking about, so try not to make yourself look like a grade school student with comments like that.

They sacrificed alot of performance in 6.01 to “fix” so called leaks in nvidia cards for the channel box.

So now anyone with a Quadro card, is going to take a huge performance hit in 6.01, don’t believe me? Try a animated scene in 6.0, say from SpecMaya, then try it in 6.01.

You get 5.5 frames slower avg in 6.01, comparable to say maya not letting you turn off the v sync.

It’s very disappointing.


i am on a mac and the installer just quits … any clues as to how to stop this?


Did you read the doc’s? I downloaded it to see what the update had in store, and there is a Maya 6.0 removal procedure that you are supposed to follow.


yeah did that trust me i would read before posting a question here


Upgrading from Maya 4.5 to 5 in mid-production last year made for lots of frustrating, repetitive rigging fixes. Fortunately the small patches are completely benign, as far as my experience goes.


just out of curiosity, did you try changing drivers for your card? I remember hearing somewhere that the new update would take advantage of the latest nvidia drivers.


Yea…I tried it on the 61.76 drivers. It seems that something is being bottlenecked in 6.01.

I tried it on 2 different machines, 1 quadro 1100, quadro 500, all the same…

Currently back to 6.0 and am happy with performance, so eithier I am missing a performance setting, it’s just my hardware config, or which is probably the case, Alias has fixed some bugs at the cost of major performance hoping nobody would notice.

I am letting alias know about this for sure, but I doubt anything will be changed till next release.


There’s the problem. 2 Weeks ago I showed a friend of mine how I’m modeling. He had a pretty decent workstation with a Quadro 500 and that card was slow as hell… for example, RMB to change the SubObject Mode took about a half second with that card - Really slows down your workflow.

Maya 6.0.1 is finally a working Maya 6 version. As far as I see, the Component Editor Bugs and some annoying problems are fixed - finally, I’m able to rig and skin my characters with Maya 6. So I don’t worry bout 5 frames more or less…


That’s not the problem… it’s not that it’s slow…it’s that it’s slower then 6.0. These systems are top of the line, I could of tried on another 5 (including a quadro 3000) but decided that would be a waste of time.


I hope Santa doesn’t give me what the hell you’re on about for Christmas.

Obviously Alias don’t indend on slowing it down, Alias state if it ain’t broke… don’t update it.


Yep…I learned that lesson the hard way…I figured the update to 5.01 went so smooth, this one wouldn’t hurt…

I was dead wrong. Thing is, most people won’t notice, because they don’t pay attention to these things.

Just as long as alias knows about it, and it dosen’t happen in the next feature release, then all is well.


kinda wanted to bump this. Anyone else expierence slower performance?