Maya 6.0.1 Update @


…finally !


Thanks for the info man, dlding now !


Can anyone list the new features/fixes of the 6.0.1 update here? That would be great.



i’ve been waiting for this for my buggy maya


I believe if you register for Alias’s discussion forums and free online support features, you can log in and click through the link for the 6.0.1 update, where you’ll find a PDF of release notes and other info.

– Mark


Here’s the what’s new pdf


Wow motion builder is already built in.


lol / Suckers!


are you ok man ?
looks like there are few fixes, not much…


is it mirrored anywhere else? I think I’m stuck in the que, can’t seem to get it to start. Tried 3 different browsers.


The best news are for OS X users!

The MAYA 6 UNLIMITED (OS X) version is included in the update. Now, for the very first time, we mac users can use this tool “with no limits” hehehe :thumbsup:

macguy: You can access the Maya 6.0.1 link at the bottom of the alias homepage, scrolldown to see it



that’s what’s weird, i’ve done that, I select the link and get the “downloading now” window, except nothing is getting downloaded. I’m just assuming that they’re site is really busy, that’s why I asked if it was mirrored.


Ohh are you using a download manager like Getright? Because Alias have said once that download managers and their website don’t agree. I tried it with Getright at first and had the same problem, then I remembered.


at least they fixed the channel box.


so lets see if this one finally works …



woohoo theyve fixed the plus/minus node crash bug too


if anyone else might encounter that problem:
i still have a dongle and had to remove and then reinstall the sentinel driver to have my mayas run after the update…




anyone suceeded downloading the OSX update ??? - how


mimo8, did you register?



Thanks Digidim…!