Maya 2020


The new features look really awesome,they once again addressed several issues from
the users feedback and the performance has really taken on a new level, the loading of very large scenes and stability is really impressive.


Some insides from the developers.


That was a good 3 hours of fun.


i wish they give more love to the interactive grooming, it’s like they completely forgot about it.


Yes, but I guess is hard to fit everything, it will soon.


Im on a metered connection right now, can somebody tell me if there are new things other than the ones already presented on their Youtube ?

Also if someone have noticed it, did they update the remaining old icons from the menus and editors and even from that In-view editor (in Max is called Caddy ) or the general old UI of some editors ?


I can’t watch 3 hours at work, has there been any word on conversion to Python 3? (Including PyMel?)


If you need access to the python 3 version. Contact TJ.


a proper node editor with full history is number one
like houdini mixed with 3dsmax stack ie has pre built it node sets to ease functionality
put can still build anything.
if you love their node editor and are a tech head great, i call a spade a spade,
and i dont dig mayas node editor, ie i want history that actually works.

the outliner, can i see what i want let alone find it if i dont know the name.

mayas references and renaming issues, all broken

instances with full history, then change to non instance with full history like 3ds max, urrh no

filleted quad poly booleans with history
(tried hardmesh still too messy bad loops always needs subdiv)
nurbs with history like fusion360 with added convert to quad poly like moi
spline modelling system like 3dsmax and cinema4d

animated paths that dont flip suddenly

layered hires sculpting like mudbox or zbrush
layered hires painting like substance or mari with spline and pattern nodes

terrain like houdini or worldmachine
skies like terragen or vue
plants like speedtree vue or houdini

destruction like houdini maybe bifrost does it i wont find out with its ram and gpu usage
is bifrost going to save maya with its how many layer nested graphs doubt it.

arnold why arent people using arnold on mass in vfx, they know why
slow… noisy… renders.

built in vfx comp like nukex natron or blender

mayas idea of history proceeduralism and usability,
delete history, delete history,freeze transforms,
save version yet again ad infinitum,
delete history says it all.

you can always buy all these extra programs then ask yourself why maya
doesnt do it. add on your time to do a task and multiply it by 5 to get
the task done in another program.
Learn them all dumbies, you’ve got the free time
relearn substance now adobe own it dumbie,
pay for a billion subscriptions to learn dumbie
to keep your short term jobs, that are not paying you enough,
give your job to…
the student with their free 3 year licences they paid $50000 in fees to get dumbies.

at present maya is a very slow 3d top dollar system good for vfx house scripted pipelines
but too slow for single or small companies, unless they are getting top dollar for the
job and have months or lots of freelancers, massive computers and power bills

trying to work out who the dumbie is

i will delete history to get maya to be useable

regards useability i will check my cgsociety posts
over the last 7 years so i don’t kid
myself maya has changed.

use the o brothers brute force no history,
put maya in bin method.
doing that,

using mayas like an enema from 1998 alias 1983,
dark grey depressing , it eats at your soul
you know you dont want to but they force you to

the vfx companies in their dark
rooms with endless lines of monitors.

you the chained seated monkeys screaming inside get me out of here.

and thats for a monkey who hasnt used maya for months the mere
thought of using maya and nuke , the seat and monitor means heavy
12 step rehab, learning how to sit and not move and not talk like a real skin job.
vfx houses hate skinjobs.

the rebel alliance is in deep shit.

(ps without photoshop and nuke aftereffects mayas got fu.k all)


god not you again with your endless drunk text.

thought this one was really funny


Oh good, thanks!


yeah let’s keep this thread actually focused on Maya 2020, not dream wishlists. Thanks

From what I can tell, Maya 2020 is a winner that’s good enough to roll out into production as is. I haven’t heard about any dealbreaker bugs yet


Oh no, not that guy again.


Just got my new Maya xmas toy… MSI laptop GT76 i9 8 core 128m RTX 2080 so I can work remotely in New Orleans, Amazon 4 grand and a 30” monitor, …see the performance of Vray, world machine and marvelous design simulations. Hope is fast enough.


This version of Maya looks really great. Bifrost extension looks wonderful, all the performance improvements(playback cache etc.) are super needed. Arnold 6 is also amazing.

If you like Houdini, go use it. I am good with Maya. And I really like what I am seeing right now and I am happy.


i thought that drunken guys post
was very precisely focussed on what maya features or doesnt feature in 2020,

for example i really have no preference of polys over nurbs,

the whole nurbs/tspline thing with full history will only get bigger and bigger with 3d printing,

even on hollywood film sets are you going to design and print your set in polys no.
are kids at school using polys to build their working cad models, no.

polys are good but maya should give absolute and equal weight to nurbs/tsplines,

fusion 360 is close but limited to its 3 draught plane approach and not really quad poly when it could be.

look at the ilm porsche spaceship, although i didnt like the end result that was obviously
a quad poly ship because of its boxy look, earlier porsche designs were sexy and curvy
with great cut lines because that is what nurbs can do and fast.

yes can use fusion360, spend a day, another day retopo in maya, when could be all maya.

lack of splines,
i honestly hate mayas bezier curves for modelling like 3dsmax or cinema4d,
i cannot draw like illustrator, weld curve ends automatically, boolean curves quickly
and extrude and bevel the way 3dsmax or cinema4d do,
and i would say this is 50% of modelling that in maya is way slower

flipping on path animated curves again,
special maya feature, press 20 boxes to find a version that will still probably flip.

3dsmax, cinema4d one click solutions, less options agreed , but i need the one click solution
first in maya.

re arnold
in this town

ilm wants vray, method vray, others in house renderers
out of 10 biggest companies only one uses arnold and that one prefers you use octane for speed,
maybe arnold 6 will change that, but effectively i learn arnold for 1/20 of freelance work in this town.

then back to mayas node/bifrost editor history pipe my review for 2020 same old no good.


Cunnax go and use an other tool. Maya is for animated film in big studios. Nothing else.

We dont need anything you mentioned above.

All features in 2020 are based on requests from animations studios.


Don’t waste your time Oglu
Have a great Holiday break and a busy new year.



Great rigging source.