Maya 2020


Looks like its out.


Make sure to register for the web talk.


Awesome, Thanks Chris.


Arnold MtoA 4 is also released.


Some rigging tutorials for M2020.


What a endless hell of disappointments…
Still no container support for the nodeEditor.
You suck so much!


I dont know anyone beside you that would use them.
Why are they so important to you?


Its impossible for me to work without them.
I have to work as procedural as possible. I have tons of nodes to which I need to have visual access via a saved layout.
I know I should rather use Houdini, but hell, Maya has a DG and I started with Maya long ago (actually with XSI)


All i could say is the nodeEditor is a dead Horse.
Bifrost is the new Ponny.


Yes, like so many other halfbaked shitty functionality in Maya.
The question is: when will the core of Maya be replaced by bifrost?


Never i fear.

But why is that important? Maya is like all those DCCs a living organism.
It does change all the time.

If you need to work fully procedural go with Houdini.


Yes, I would like to do that.
Can you give me money for the transition? : )
It will take me half a year for sure to rewrite all my own plugins (its many) so they connect with the Houdini framework…


But I honestly think thats not necessary.
It needs just some changes so that Maya is fine for procedural work.
like: create a top nodeEditor!

or: don`t make Maya enter into endless computation when a high polycount mesh is selected

or: don`t make Maya enter into endless computation when a objectSet with heavy content is selected

or: don`t make Maya enter into endless computation when a container with heavy content is opened in the hypershade


i definitely also want a revamped node editor, it’s more about organization like having back drops etc.
It’s more a UI thing than really a crazy procedural feature.


you don’t have to switch you can slowly introduce some more proceduralism in your workflow by using houdini on small things. learning houdini is a long process, but you can easily take advantage of certain feature. i love Maya and Houdini and use both. I think people expecting Maya to become Houdini are expecting the impossible. Maya is great for manual task with a lot of viewport interaction ( modeling / manual uv / anim / lookdev / paint weight & blendshape / viewport preview ). Houdini is great for automatism, handle complex task easily, ( procedural modeling / auto UV / crowd / rendering / cfx / fx / pipeline ). A mix of both tool can’t hurt. You can also create houdini asset and use them in Maya with houdini engine. For auto UV / scattering / volume / terrain it is working, for more complex stuff it’s not very reliable.

i am not a big fan of AD, but Maya has get some love recently and i’m happy about that , of course it’s not a sidefx roadmap, but they try to clean the shit and prepare the future. 3dsmax user can’t say the same, so at thend end in the XSI / Max / Maya pool, we are the luckiest .


Yes, I agree with all you say. Maya was horrible, but they try to ‘make Maya great again’ (haha, couldn`t resist)
I need Maya for all different kinds of tasks, thats also a reason why I stick with it. But I will have to invest time to see whether Houdini will be faster when it has to deal with my data.


The features look great! Some really nice ones and decent bug fixes.

I also would like container/underlay support for the node and hypershade editors.
How do you guys stay organized with your nodes always rearranging?

Can you imagine someone using Nuke without the ability to organize nodes? What a train wreck

Also, I agree with all of sciLoops other comments. The high-res selection time is easily at least 2x as fast now


besides pinning and using multiple tabs not much you can do here :expressionless:


I`m getting sick of having to ask for container support!


there is still hope i guess to have a revamped node editor, i mean they already did it once.
And i don’t think it’s hard to have at least backdrops.

And look, in maya 2020 they have added an interactive caching system for the old N-system, i personally never thought that they will ever touch the N system again because bifrost is sucking all the energy on that part.