Maya 2020 proper node editor and history like houdini now blender


maya 2020 searching for a proper node editor

not sure if bifrost aim is this or not

latest blender node tree done by sorcar



you should go to blender it will suits you well .

And for your information these addons have nothing to do with Bifrost or Houdini it’s not even close.
These addons are mostly made in Python and slow as hell.

really a joke


it might be a joke to you

but sorcar
has managed to put the blender interface into a node editor…

and that was my point

having mayas interface in a single node editor
would be good,

though the most used node would be freeze transforms,
which by itself negates the flow of a good node editor.

my most requested node would be selection set input

and create spline node



you clearly don’t know what you are talking about,
it’s like you are throwing some random keywords and glue them together.

you see a random layout with nodes and you are happy? you are aware that all the addons are having their own node editor? So it’s definitely not a unified node editor for everything in blender.

And on the other hand anything in maya is a node and every node is visible in the node editor.
so i don’t even know what you are talking about here

you keep comparing stuff but you probably have never even opened Blender or Houdini and barely Maya


where is the un double transform node
where is the selection and or set input for faces,verts,edges to drive input of a node
where is the auto normal outwards facing screen node (maya typically wrong direction destroys history)
in fact appears to be random destroys history completely.
where is the grouped grouped instance with history node
where is node to stop duplicate input graph creating the same selection set not a new one
where is the non flipping motion path node
where is the untwisted motion path node
where is the remove noise from arnold fast node ditto white specs remove node
where is the i do not want to freeze transforms or it will mess up my history stack node.
where is the boolean fillet blend node with history
where is the convert nurbs curve to spline node
where is the ffd node in mash to fit a panel to a corners of single poly face, and choose face direction and distribute with map
where is the node to locate lost jpegs path for use in xgen
where is the node to stop xgen from creaming your graphics card when you press setup
where is the sculpt and paint with layers node

still you have bifrost node filling your machine in one day with gbs of sims

dont worry onouris the autodesk devs will be in lockdown,
i will be spending lockdown looking for the same non existant node features

its barely maya, yes sick of “barely” featured
actually was debating wether to stick with maya, or go and sit outside

lets see 3 shades of grey panel viewport, annoying side panel size
cant sculpt or texture map properly
hand welding every boolean fillet vert, maya bdsm.
covid19 aircon office
tasty maya

then use nuke for comp,vermit

go sit outside its cheaper than autodesk and its free.
doesnt pay the rent of course but then covid 19s lockdowns have achieved no rent in one hit.

by the way its nothing to do with you onouris
its maya features or lack of compared with other software
for those without a massive pipeline

autodesk maya needs a proper nuke/houdini like node editor for all of its tabs
in a single coherent interface


lets do a little test with maya
boolean curves array with history, do a bevel plus and retopo with full history
like 3dsmax,cinema4d, houdini or blender, they can change start curves and keep history.
(admittedly blenders beziers curve start position and directional arrows are a bit odd, but they work)

with mayas nurbs curves good luck you will fail
believe me its the tip of the iceberg in the problems you will have

time taken in rest 2 to 3 mins maya 10 mins no history

please see attached

lets try it in the bifrost2 editor dont have it let onouris try.

for those who fancy the poly,combine,boolean,
switch for another boolean,
the same world of pain, double transform, mayas hidden tranforms emerge to break history
please see attached

where did it part of the boolean maya move to, its called the maya shuffle,
this whole business of double transforms, freezing transforms,deleting history
destroy the workings of any proper node editor, that and the fact it has no edit poly or selection set input…grrh

the only way to model with history in maya is quad poly by hand, save that model,
restart do another model from scratch


tried just with nurbs curves,poly trim result,extrude faces result, then switch curves of trim
history breaks, maya has no real inputs for trim node,other than that which made the trim at start,
, extrude faces has on real input option, to account for face count change selection
and normals flipped arbitrarily

please see attached

then repeated the above task
nurbs curves, planar trim extrude, move curves extrude failed,
for fun tried to create planar trim from scratch in node editor, no shape node was automatically created,
how do you create a shape node, not sure?
object existed in ctrl a arrtibute editor and attribute spreadsheet, but not in outliner,
or even in the node editor if deselected,
sums up maya node editor creator of hidden half baked nodes


oh well blender doesnt have a node editor
but have managed to group and dupe objects with full history

please see

if blender had edit poly modifier, and apply all modifier, better curves, and nurbs, proper cameras.
blah blah i know but at least it doesnt freak out like maya, grouping and duping.


Maya has a node editor

Its nodes behave different than Houdini’s for the sake of speed. Maya nodes can talk with each other, but they aren’t meant to be compatible with each other. This is for the sake of speed. Houdini bogs down faster than Maya from a performance perspective, so that’s the trade off.

It would be cool to see a unified node foundation in Maya. C4D seems to be trying to go for this as well now. This has always been Houdini’s strength. The new Bifrost nodes and editor seem to be trying to build a new foundation, but it’ll take time - we’ll see what happens.