Maya 2020 help!


Hey, I’m a first year post production and VFX student with no experience with 3d modelling before this semester, so I apologise if this is an incredibly stupid question.

I’m teaching myself to use Maya 2020 for an assignment, but I’ve been having some trouble with the software. Whenever I go into soft select mode, all of the vertices and lines appear to go yellow instead of displaying a gradient which means I can’t do anything with it.

There’s probably a really easy fix, but it’s a fix I really need.

Thank you!


Hey Boothy11,
I’m sure you already got it figured out, but incase you didn’t when in soft selection mode you can control the influence of the soft select by holding B and Left Click dragging in the viewport. Hope this helps cheers.


VFX videos effects are so good sometimes which can help us to access more things for the time being but you need to understand that is not really common and you can go beyond this with hnd assignments where your learning wont be stopped and getting so many ideas for true.