Maya 2019



it’s always the case with any soft when it got released.
also Houdini 17 when it came out we got some critical bugs (but the good point with Sidefx is that we got a fix few weeks later, with Autodesk you have to wait at least 3 months)


They got further than I did ! 2019 doesn’t even bring up polygon menu as it’s missing…

Maya’s always been a basket case first public release.

2018 for me still doesn’t display a grid at all (despite the settings), it always reverts to a particular workspace I don’t use and so many other issues like the manipulator will stop working in Maya after a while in a session (ie rotate, move and scale tool wont work in vp2)…

I actually use a third party program to backup Maya prefs by the hour in case of preference corruption which can be the root cause of a lot of issues. The only program I know of wher eyou have to blow away the prefs all the time


some Arnold GPU teasing.


A bit confused by the Arnold GPU demo. Is it just using Optix GPU denoising but not actually GPU raytracing or I miss something?
I recall there was another demo earlier where you actually switch CPU or GPU for raytracing in the middle of IPR.


just my interpretation of what I saw in the clip… it appears it’s just the denoiser, maybe along with lower sampling settings which would explain the speedup.

The video would be a little misleading then, but never actually incorrect about that fact that GPU rendering is not shown (even the “GPU rendering” switch that’s activated is in the “Optix denoiser” tab). Actual GPU rendering she mentions is coming “in the future”.


@oglu could you say something about the development of bifrost? or the fx part of maya?

a roadmap would be awesome…


cant talk about that sorry.


An other breadcrumb to see the big picture Autodesk is working on in the Background

If you take a look you see Autodesk did a lot of commits on Github like on materialX and shaderX Projects.



a perfect example of the state of mayas node editor

psychotic. you only coloured 2 faces.

need speed from a 3d program these days

is it capable of modelling and texturing 3 characters to semi photoreal
and doing the bg city sky and terrain behind them in a week to book cover standard,
as a quality idea.

all within maya alone , not zbush, photoshop, substance ,nuke or whatever
no stock models

as would expect for $3000 pa

at present it cannot compete with an old school illustrator in photoshop.

cost $140pa

i have hopes for 3d but not viable
strangely blender probably could. its free


Don’t make fool of yourself, you realize how idiotic this statement is or not?
What next ? you will say that maya can’t compete with an MP3 player?


an mp3 player ( i had to look up what that was)
costs $30 and gives a lot more joy than mayas latest features, interface and node editor.

the fact is in the made up illustration example,
i gave you, the client doesnt care wether its 3d,2d,vector, they are paying
for just an image not fancy maya features, 3d is actually a harder sell because it all looks the same, the client
cannot see the hand of the artist. ie every apartment car render looks the same.

in 90% of cases the client cannot tell wether its produced in maya or blender,
i cannot, you cannot.
and in web 3d, an unreal,evee, vector 3d animation, or photoshop animation
gets its message across just as effectively as raytrace render.

clients are paying for 1800 stacked frames made in who gives a shit program.
they literally do not care what program you make it in.
seen a fancy marvel 3d vfx blockbuster without the 2d animation holograms
snore. A cold hard matte paint render in 3d without a painted overlay in nuke.

from my perspective thats all irrelevant the facts are: the blog is

maya 2019, still no

no bezier splines for easy modelling like 3dsmax cinema4d, hell they make life easy
no fillet blended booleans with auto uvs , ie modo hardmesh or blender, with history.
no proper 3d painting like modo, blender, cinema4d,
no layered sdiv sculpting like cinema4d or blender,
no panelling tools, rhino grasshopper
anim paths still with psycho ffd twists, bullshit
path deformers that dont work properly, learnt that freelancing , 3dsmax way better
no proper history, clients corrections, maya one shot modeller total rebuild approach crap.
no proper instances we promise to send you animal logics when. every company i go into
mayas references and instances fail to load… 20yrs of excuses.
bifrost, seriously, yes seriously slow, and fill your hard drive with 4gb for a small stream.
no trees how does maya build them outside paintfx floating leaves, no branching system.,speedtree
no erosion, flow maps, world builder,houdini
no clouds, why does vue look like clouds, and mayas not.
no atmosphere, arnold not real and god its slow.
no auto retopo like zbrush

a proper node editor might achieve all the above.

you love its node editor good for you, :
define those 2 coloured panels on that fancy cube with an animated texture map
then morph that cube into a fish and look at the node editor,
yes we expect houdini or nuke readability.

arnold noise or slow noise or even slower noise
interiors in arnold,more noise, raytraced headlamps,
boring snails had babies come back tomorrow.
mesh lights extra noise and $1000pa
smaller studios cant wait for noise they left
arnold to use yet another renderer you the operator have to learn
arnold is still slow with high end card.

Well scripting and animation is holding maya in the market, dont see much else.

animation by blendshape might seem a bit limiting when morphing to other creatures.

maya 2019 like waiting for an ene…, big bloated, and full of nothing

why does it concern you the operator, real world cases been in
well studio a. had 50 seats of maya arnold , now 50 octane and 25 of those are blender and unreal
well studio b. had 25 seats of maya,now 12 redshift and 12 seats are cinema4d
well studio c. had 25 nuke licenses, now 12 natron
well studio d. had 6 seats maya 6 seats max, now 12 seats max.

maya 2019 has lost 37 seats in 2 companies in 2 years.
what exactly is autodesks strategy you hold so dear.

why are they switching , speed,ease of use, features, cost per license.

maybe hollywood and games collectively stops the drain, only autodesk knows.


to get a job you the operator have gone from having to know maya and arnold
octane,redshift,blender,unreal,and cinema4d to hold down a job
( not forgetting, nuke,zbrush,mari,substance,aftereffects).

thanks to autodesks mayas grand plan.


seriously what the heck are you doing here? You have plenty of other wonderful 3d packages, why don’t you just go somewhere else?

Also i will assume with all the nonsens statement / lack of knowledge on how maya is working that you are probably working/playing on your own.
So why don’t you just grab Blender or whatever? (or photoshop/Krtita it seems to work well for you making 3d)


Well onouris.

trying to get the features we vfx worker or your boss needed in maya 2019 too late… maya 2020

  1. working viewports with transparency. with any videocard vfx company is using ie must include lower end specs.
  2. sculpting with layers and dynamesh equivalent
  3. texture painting with layers and zbrush polypaint equivalent, bezier patterning
  4. auto retopology with guides
  5. terrain system with erosion and flowmaps
  6. fast fluid system for rivers
  7. atmosphere system for clouds fogs god rays
  8. branching system for trees and plants
  9. grouped instances with parametric history
  10. new node system like houdini or nuke
  11. full parametric history see 10. swappable nodes
  12. fast noise free renderer
  13. being able to render an animation on a single computer not a render farm.
  14. nuke like comper
  15. working referencing
  16. spline for boolean modelling and max like lofts and cutting
  17. filleted booleans with history like hardmesh
  18. ease of use interface
  19. full nurbs with parametric history
  20. no twisted animation paths see bezier splines
  21. working path deformer nodes see any parametric nodes

essentially a 3d parametric world painting modelling system with dynamics

Thats what we need to be a vfx artist employable in movies in todays industry.
ie we need to build the world in a single program and fast and render fast.

If autodesk chooses to create a monopoly, and make our lives difficult in achieving
our goals, saying it is the number one program, we have every right to ask for
features to make it number one.

Everytime you leave the program to do one of those tasks listed above costs time,
more importantly it costs your free time unpaid by any employer to have to learn
say 10 programs extra. Ditto for every vfx company that leaves maya because its
needs are not met, costs your free unpaid time to learn that program.

do such features exist in the program currently, not at the level we need.
such a system might justify your employers software program cost.

is it a pipe dream, well i have had the same dream for years, and with the speed
of autodesk development being mind numbingly slow we are talking decades.

what the the heck i am doing here saying the same thing i said 10 years ago.
maya the illusion of features.

i do like european comics, metal hurlant, you need more of that attitude,
30 years before mp3, and yet hollywood cannot even grasp in their dollar minds
what concepts of thought , have been forgotten

think beyond you are a modeller, texturer,comper, animator like the hollywood
producer limits you to , you need the medium to express your vision not theirs.

when did cinema last move you? Shoot em up games suck, hollywood got boring

how long did it take to make houdini, number of programmers and the cost,
gives autodesk a guesstimate to do the list,

your employer will spend $2500 per licence times 10 years $25000 for a single licence
what is the extra the employer has to fork out in terms of software to get a sellable product
using maya to market probably same again per employee.

add on slow noisey renderers, fancy videocards,render farms, render licences, fast computers,
to feed maya is not an illusion its avida dollars vacuum cleaner.
$25000pa per western employee if you are cheap. not sure eastern.
its a money hungry monster not first apparent but lurking under the ornate deep carpet.

no wonder you work in the dark, 1 worker every square metre, to feed these sort of
monsters surprised you are wearing any clothes.

vive la revolution.

tarot la fool (or freelancer vfx employee. emphasis on the free courtesy of production)


Can we please just keep this conversational based on facts regarding Maya 2019?


I think you may have unrealistic expectations what a central 3D software for a pipeline is supposed to do