Maya 2019



it’s always the case with any soft when it got released.
also Houdini 17 when it came out we got some critical bugs (but the good point with Sidefx is that we got a fix few weeks later, with Autodesk you have to wait at least 3 months)


They got further than I did ! 2019 doesn’t even bring up polygon menu as it’s missing…

Maya’s always been a basket case first public release.

2018 for me still doesn’t display a grid at all (despite the settings), it always reverts to a particular workspace I don’t use and so many other issues like the manipulator will stop working in Maya after a while in a session (ie rotate, move and scale tool wont work in vp2)…

I actually use a third party program to backup Maya prefs by the hour in case of preference corruption which can be the root cause of a lot of issues. The only program I know of wher eyou have to blow away the prefs all the time


some Arnold GPU teasing.


A bit confused by the Arnold GPU demo. Is it just using Optix GPU denoising but not actually GPU raytracing or I miss something?
I recall there was another demo earlier where you actually switch CPU or GPU for raytracing in the middle of IPR.


just my interpretation of what I saw in the clip… it appears it’s just the denoiser, maybe along with lower sampling settings which would explain the speedup.

The video would be a little misleading then, but never actually incorrect about that fact that GPU rendering is not shown (even the “GPU rendering” switch that’s activated is in the “Optix denoiser” tab). Actual GPU rendering she mentions is coming “in the future”.


@oglu could you say something about the development of bifrost? or the fx part of maya?

a roadmap would be awesome…


cant talk about that sorry.


An other breadcrumb to see the big picture Autodesk is working on in the Background

If you take a look you see Autodesk did a lot of commits on Github like on materialX and shaderX Projects.



a perfect example of the state of mayas node editor

psychotic. you only coloured 2 faces. looks good in viewport, spaghetti in node editor

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Don’t make fool of yourself, you realize how idiotic this statement is or not?
What next ? you will say that maya can’t compete with an MP3 player?


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seriously what the heck are you doing here? You have plenty of other wonderful 3d packages, why don’t you just go somewhere else?

Also i will assume with all the nonsens statement / lack of knowledge on how maya is working that you are probably working/playing on your own.
So why don’t you just grab Blender or whatever? (or photoshop/Krtita it seems to work well for you making 3d)


trying to get the features we vfx workers or your boss needed not in maya 2019 … so for maya 2020

  1. working viewports with transparency. with any videocard vfx company is using ie must include lower end specs.
  2. sculpting with layers and dynamesh equivalent
  3. texture painting with layers and zbrush polypaint equivalent, bezier patterning
  4. auto retopology with guides
  5. terrain system with erosion and flowmaps
  6. fast fluid system for rivers
  7. atmosphere system for clouds fogs god rays
  8. branching system for trees and plants
  9. grouped instances with parametric history
  10. new node system like houdini or nuke
  11. full parametric history see 10. swappable nodes
  12. fast noise free renderer
  13. being able to render an animation on a single computer not a render farm.
  14. nuke like comper
  15. working referencing
  16. spline for boolean modelling and max like lofts and cutting
  17. filleted booleans with history like hardmesh
  18. ease of use interface
  19. full nurbs with parametric history
  20. no twisted animation paths see bezier splines
  21. working path deformer nodes see any parametric nodes

essentially a 3d parametric world painting modelling system with dynamics

Have been told its outside the mythical “pipeline”
availiable only for the elite illuminatti who can time travel to 2030.
look in cgsocietys gallery for illuminatti, follow the illuminatti, follow the illuminatti.
though wondering how long in days the illuminatti samples take.

attempts to sculpt and texture in maya show its best left to the pipeline not to maya,

Where is this mythical pipeline thats for them to know and you to find out,
probably weta or ilm. fat load of good that does you and your laptop if you are
really in need of one, …ride the brain bareback… mentat. tap tap.

Been told by the 12 th star illuminatti you have to imagine “visualise” the features you need in maya.
write it on a piece of paper and think of it everyday, till it appears.
so everyday i will visualise a houdini like node editor, and those features on the list.

Does that mean autodesk have to write it as well on a bit of paper. ask the illuminatti

A little bird called “node” standing on the pipeline on the 12th star
had a shit could be portentous not sure which way to read it.
tapping the pipe hes getting a ringing sound good for monks
but not looking good for production

tap tap “who controls the pipeline controls the visions of humanity”

overall my review of maya 2019, no changes for the vfx pipeline suits them
maya cannot operate without the pipeline.

for the hopes of single users no pipeline, producing an animation on a single pc in
maya and arnold alone with no built in comping,
or texturing,and crappy sculpting program, 20 mins a frame? still not viable
maya without zbrush is positively scary. ( maya500k poly crash)

your best hopes are blender , its comping,texturing, sculpting eevee.
maybe slightly gamey look but you will get the animation out.

not that someone who wishes to stay in the vfx industry,
carry on in those dark 1m grey boxes.
meet any vfx shop owner in the street, who is game
to carry on that practise, expect the full force
of the 12th star.

a 10 yard walk in nature beats maya or blender hands down ,its free.

tarot la fool (thinks 3d is damn slow with or without the pipeline.)


Can we please just keep this conversational based on facts regarding Maya 2019?


I think you may have unrealistic expectations what a central 3D software for a pipeline is supposed to do


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I read through your revised list.

I still think you have completely unrealistic expectations. It’s a nice wish list though.


Use the official wishlist and look if other users feel the same.

Have in mind that wishlist on the Area is the wishlist of individual users.
You get a totaly diffrent one if you ask the Department heads from Disney or Dreamworks.
What the modeling artists needs is most of the time not the bottleneck of a big studio pipeline.
USD and matX wont help at all if you need to model a complex shape. Same goes for animation cache.


i think this guy is on the right track

parametric filleted booleans, parametric insert mesh.


you could do the same with SOUP


A little explanation how the caching does work.