Maya 2019


Do a log and send the file to Autodesk. Without such chrash files they cant fix it.

Are your graphics driver up to date?


They are not up to date but are very recent, from November last year. I already have the latest, i will made the update and see what happen.



just to explain why per face shader is simply the worst thing ou could ever do in maya.
It’s not really a bug it’s just how the shadingEngine is working, and if you lose some shader at some point with per face assignment it’s probably because some mesh shapes were introduced in between and therefore loosing the track of the groupID node.

Look at the first case, you have only one shader on a cube; ok it’s working fine and the graph is pretty clean just a connection to the shading engine.

Now look at the per shader assignment it needs to create a bunch of groupID nodes to do some subtraction etc to keep track of this change.
Also performance wise it’s really bad, if for whatever reason you need per face shading a good solution would be to use SOUP, and basically having a routine that will actually separate the mesh based on the assignment.
It’s much more efficient.


Of course, I have a python script to fix all assets (break apart by shader, check for per face shading assignments etc…)

However it is the year 2019. It is possible to do per face shading assignments and Maya supports it officially (doesn’t throw any warnings when doing it.) So it is still a bug that in that Maya likes to drop shaders and breaks when referencing in assets etc…

This alternative looks great though, see where AL_USDMaya goes.


meh it’s like saying it’s fine to have lamina faces or non manifold geo just because maya is allowing you to do it without a warning :stuck_out_tongue:
but still something you should avoid


Fair point! :sweat_smile:

would be nice to work in a modern workflow of not having to do the old game centric mentality of one material per object from the 90’s!

Can’t wait for a better solution to handle assets in Maya and putting them into a scene efficiently and quickly…and reliably!


In a PBR material world you arnt limited by faces. Just paint your material parameters.


so many bugfixes, … but here we go again :smiley:

why didn´t they skip 2019 and make 2020 instead ( or 2021,…)?!



it’s always the case with any soft when it got released.
also Houdini 17 when it came out we got some critical bugs (but the good point with Sidefx is that we got a fix few weeks later, with Autodesk you have to wait at least 3 months)


They got further than I did ! 2019 doesn’t even bring up polygon menu as it’s missing…

Maya’s always been a basket case first public release.

2018 for me still doesn’t display a grid at all (despite the settings), it always reverts to a particular workspace I don’t use and so many other issues like the manipulator will stop working in Maya after a while in a session (ie rotate, move and scale tool wont work in vp2)…

I actually use a third party program to backup Maya prefs by the hour in case of preference corruption which can be the root cause of a lot of issues. The only program I know of wher eyou have to blow away the prefs all the time


some Arnold GPU teasing.


A bit confused by the Arnold GPU demo. Is it just using Optix GPU denoising but not actually GPU raytracing or I miss something?
I recall there was another demo earlier where you actually switch CPU or GPU for raytracing in the middle of IPR.


just my interpretation of what I saw in the clip… it appears it’s just the denoiser, maybe along with lower sampling settings which would explain the speedup.

The video would be a little misleading then, but never actually incorrect about that fact that GPU rendering is not shown (even the “GPU rendering” switch that’s activated is in the “Optix denoiser” tab). Actual GPU rendering she mentions is coming “in the future”.


@oglu could you say something about the development of bifrost? or the fx part of maya?

a roadmap would be awesome…


cant talk about that sorry.


An other breadcrumb to see the big picture Autodesk is working on in the Background

If you take a look you see Autodesk did a lot of commits on Github like on materialX and shaderX Projects.



a perfect example of the state of mayas node editor

psychotic. you only coloured 2 faces. looks good in viewport, spaghetti in node editor

edited to later post for briefness


Don’t make fool of yourself, you realize how idiotic this statement is or not?
What next ? you will say that maya can’t compete with an MP3 player?


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seriously what the heck are you doing here? You have plenty of other wonderful 3d packages, why don’t you just go somewhere else?

Also i will assume with all the nonsens statement / lack of knowledge on how maya is working that you are probably working/playing on your own.
So why don’t you just grab Blender or whatever? (or photoshop/Krtita it seems to work well for you making 3d)